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Thinkful Webinar | UX/UI Design Vs. Web Development

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Thinkful Webinar | UX/UI Design Vs. Web Development


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UX/UI design and web development are two of the most popular tech tracks. Learn about these high-income roles, and which skills you need to excel.
Within the realm of tech, there has been massive growth in different job types and opportunities. UX/UI Design and Web Development are two of those critical roles on the cutting edge of this wave of digital transformation. However, knowing the differences between these roles and how to break into them can seem a little daunting.

Join us as we break down the specifics that each role entails, along with how to get the skills to be successful in them. We’ll help you determine which one is your ideal next career choice and discuss the range of jobs that will be available to you once you’ve acquired those skills.

What you’ll learn:
- What Is Web Development And UX/UI Design?
- Compare The Job Markets Of Both Careers
- Discover Which Career Is Right For You
- How To Use Past Experience To Amplify Your New Career
- And so much more...

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Sponsored by Thinkful:
Thinkful is a tech bootcamp equipping people with the education and network to launch new careers and take their place in the world’s next workforce. Every course comes with a personal mentor who’s experienced in the field, as well as career coaches and an academic success manager.
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