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Thinkful Webinar | Learn UX/UI Design With Thinkful

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Thinkful Webinar | Learn UX/UI Design With Thinkful


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UX design brings together art, business, and engineering. Let’s take a deep dive into our UX/UI Design program. Learn how designers conduct user research, create iterative design, and ensure rapid prototyping.

About this event

UX is a career path that allows room for growth and expansion in a variety of areas, including design research, art direction, and even freelancing. This program is designed to help those with no prior experience in design land their first full-time job as a product designer—at a flexible pace and without having to quit your current job!

What you’ll learn:

What is UX/UI Designer?
Why should you become a UX/UI Designer?
Our Philosophy & Approach
Program, Curriculum, and Structure Overview
Next Steps To Learning UX/UI Design

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