What we're about

The Kuala Lumpur Hiking and Trail Running Meetup Group is established with the purpose of finding like minded individuals who enjoy going out for the purpose of getting/staying fit and enjoying nature. This group was not so much about the activity being a social gathering, but about getting some serious exercise on a regular basis.

Although the initial plan was to organise interesting hikes in hilly terrain that will take up to a full day within two hours drive from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, our hikers are now expanding their views. New hiking venues, in other states and even other countries, are now presented and explored.

Meetup KL Hiking is organising events for all levels of hikers, from sheer beginners to experienced trailblazers. It is highly recommended to read the write-up very carefully and to understand the rating of a hike.

The rating system allows you to judge whether or not this hike will be too difficult for you.

Generally I'll do a survey hike before scheduling an event, so I know what to expect for the hikes which are organised. During the hike I focus very much on group dynamics, and it's a rule of thumb that nobody will be left behind. We're all links in the hiking chain and nobody is more or less important than anybody else... For every hike, I will be the last one to leave the venue in order to be sure that everybody made it out safely. Creating an adventurous but most of all a safe hiking experience is my goal.

For every event you will find specific instructions in the write-up. Every event has a MUST READ link to a Knowledge Base. Pay special attention to the topic "What is the procedure for this event...?"

There are some basic elements:

  • wear shoes with profile (a pattern on the soles to prevent slipping and gliding); adidas kampung is good to start with...
  • wear suitable and comfortable clothing (will get dirty...)
  • bring appropriate shoes for river crossings, if any
  • carry a proper backpack
  • rain gear is recommended
  • pack your valuables in plastic bags (mobile phone, camera, etc)
  • be prepared for the unexpected (first aid kit, whistle, emergency blanket, headlamp, gps,...) - check the mandatory items listed in the Knowledge Base.
  • leave a towel and some dry clothes in the car
  • bring something warm to wear at the top if your hike is a climb
  • a pair of gloves doesn't weigh that much (thorns, roots, trees, mud)
  • if you are comfortable using a walking stick, bring it along
  • bring enough snacks (carbohydrates) and drinks; 0.5 litre for each hour hike is normal
  • mosquito repellent and leech protection is recommended
  • please be responsible and don't litter – be sure not to leave any rubbish along the track

It should not be necessary to highlight certain common sense behaviour, but I do it anyway in order to avoid any misunderstandings:

All participants will respect each other's background, religion, race, complexion, etc and will try their utmost not to offend anyone with their behaviour. This would include bringing alcoholic drinks to the events and taking showers on public roads.

Although English is not the mother tongue for almost all members, I'm sure we all can refrain from using insulting words and expressions.

While hiking, we respect the nature surrounding us, as we are the “intruders”; the jungle doesn't belong to us. We will bring back any drinking bottles/food wrappers we used along the way. In short "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures". In this philosophy the sweeper will remove the paper markers which we lay for participants to follow.

The Meetup website is publicly accessible. So don't post any phone numbers or e-mail addresses in the comment sections. We only mention mobile phone numbers in the carpooling list, which can only be accessed by the participants of a particular hike. The same goes for the carpooling link. Let's keep it private as we don't want anybody else than our hikers to make alterations to the list, do we...?

This group has no commercial agenda. There will be neither membership fees nor fees to join an event. Entrance, permit or guide fees to enter certain venues will be specified in the write-up of the event will generally be collected in advance and then paid to the respective authorities or organising bodies. Expenses for events that come with a price tag like camping trips, coach travel, hikes abroad, etc. will be shared by the participants for that particular event.

If an event host is asking you to answer some questions during the confirmation process, please do so. And be sure you answer them completely. This will make the pre-organisation of a hike smoother.

Normally, for every event carpooling is recommended. We don't organise carpooling but offer drivers and passengers an online platform where they can meet. On this carpooling platform, passengers have to look for and contact a driver in their neighbourhood to make the necessary arrangements; not the other way around...! Never add yourself as a passenger to a car without prior consent of the driver. Carpooling is by no means taxi service... Carpooling fees are settled directly between driver and passenger.

If you're interested to participate for an event, you click Attend on the event page(s) of your choice. Although every event page contains a link to a Membership Form, only the very first time you participate you have to fill in this form. The reason why we need your personal details are explained in the Knowledge Base for each event.

For most other events it will be sufficient to click Attend, unless specified otherwise. If there are any changes in your particulars, kindly submit the Update Form.

If you have clicked Attend, you make a commitment. Do realise that...! You are expected to show up for the event and to show up on time. We pay attention to hikers who simply don't show up for an event. Serial no show offenders will be removed as a member.

The indicated meet-up time is the time the event effectively starts, not the time you should reach the meet-up place. There will be no waiting for people who are late at the specified meet-up location. If you change your mind about attending, or you are unable to participate, you are expected to change your status to Not Attending before the event, otherwise it will result in a no show on your profile.

Before an event starts, scan the registration QR code at the venue and check-in online once you arrive. Change to your hiking clothes afterwards. Upon finishing the hike, scan the registration QR code at the venue and check-out online.

Although there are no fees, there will be a penalty of RM20 however in the following cases:

  • If you join an event and are not a KL Hiking member
  • If you didn't submit the Membership Form prior to your first participation
  • If you attend an event without being listed as Attendee
  • If you don't respect the mandatory cut-off times
  • If you don't sign in/sign out on the event day - which is actually done with the QR code.
  • If you are flagged as a No Show for three events

You are attending the hikes/runs at your own risk. The event host will try his/her best to assist and guide, but is in no way responsible, liable or accountable for any damage, personal injuries, death, etc. By clicking Attend for an event and/or signing in at the venue and/or making a payment, it is deemed that you have read, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of the disclaimer which can be found here: Disclaimer

Upcoming events (4+)

Lata Pisang - IBP 21

Kem Alang Sedayu



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DO NOT click 'Attending' or do not join this event without reading, understanding and accepting the content of the Knowledge Base.

This is a hike for which a Forestry permit has to be paid. We will accept payments until Wednesday 29/03/2023 - 11:59pm. If you click 'Attending' but haven't paid the fee, we will have to revert your status to 'Not Attending'.

A very nice, very easy and very short Sunday hike to a beautiful waterfall. There are plenty upstream jacuzzis for those who are not up to swimming.

For this hike we will follow a few hundred meters of tarred road before the real hike starts. After that it's time for the real work and straight away we start with a stream crossing. There's no need to take off the shoes because this hike will have plenty of water along the way and it will be impossible to keep the feet/shoes dry.

Sungai Gombak is led through two tunnels under the Karak Highway and we have to go through these tunnels to get access to the Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua.

During this event we hike quite some time through water, so come prepared...!

Unfortunately the waterfall area is quite popular and that reflects sometimes in the rubbish left behind by campers/visitors. Nevertheless, there are still beautiful unspoilt places and let's keep it that way.

And of course swimming is part of the programme...!

The total distance will be between 5 to 6 kilometres. There is no option to take any shortcuts, but you can follow the same way in and out, so you can return at any time or place you like.

Carpooling is highly recommended as there is not much space at the trailhead to park cars.

Do note that the indicated meet-up time is not the time you should arrive at the meet-up location. It is the time that the hike effectively starts.

More details can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Also the explanation of the rating can be found in the Knowledge Base sub Event Information (general) - How to understand the rating system...?

It is compulsory that you respect physical distancing and the SOPs in place.

Lombok 7D/6N - Mount Rinjani (Hard/Very hard?) + Gili Island

Lombok International Airport


All slots filled, thank you all for the great response.

(NEWBIES) Have you submitted the KLH one-time Membership Form?
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DO NOT join this event without reading, understanding and accepting the contents of the Knowledge Base.

Mount Rinjani is one of the best climbs in the region, and should be in every hiker’s bucket list. Many will want to do it more than once, especially since portions of the trail changed radically after an earthquake in 2018, quite soon after our previous trip.

This event is not for those who want to spend minimal money and time, then rush to check Rinjani off their to-do list. Instead, it is for those who want to take the time to enjoy the many facets of Lombok.

Our event starts at Lombok airport where we meet our guide, Mountain Jack. We then head to a nearby restaurant for lunch. No need to carbo-load, as we'll get more than enough food during the hike. We'll still have a good buffet though, just to enjoy the local cuisine and get to know each other and our guides. Its a 2hr drive to Sembalun, just nice for a nap, or soak in the local rural scenery. Our homestay is surrounded by fruit orchards and vegetable farms, just nice for an afternoon stroll. Or maybe take a dip in the pool. Either way, Rinjani peak is never out of sight, a constant reminder of what's in store for us the next day.

This hike is suited for those wanting to enjoy a multi-day camping hike, minus a lot of the heavy lifting. Guides and porters will carry the camping equipment, drinking water, food, cooking equipment. They manage your tent, mattress and sleeping bag. They cook fresh meals, with all utensils supplied. Most importantly, they also set up the toilet!

The trail combines a wide range of experience, condition, scenery and weather. The farmland trailhead takes us into rolling hills of grassy savannah, then upwards into alpine and tundra region. Vegetation becomes sparser as we approach our first campsite along the rocky ridge. From here, we can look down onto Sembalun valley, and the next night's lakeside campsite. The temperature will drop quickly as the sun sets beyond the opposite ridge.

The next morning, we start in the dark for the summit. A rocky climb eventually leads us to the infamous (and dreaded) scree slopes. As you slide backwards with each step, your physical fitness will be tested along with your mental perseverance. We hope to summit in time to see the rising sun slowly lighting up the valley below, with Rinjani casting her shadow across Lombok Strait, towards Mount Agong in Bali 100km away.

The final few km to the peak is not easy, so some may choose not to summit. No shame in deciding to have a full night’s sleep instead.

Descending is fun and easily the most enjoyable section. High from the summit, retracing your steps down the scree slopes will be much easier. Go slow, and enjoy the morning sun and crisp air. Or run down the low impact terrain, it'll make you grin like a little kid, then try sliding down the slope on your bum!

After a late breakfast, we head down into the crater. This steep rocky section continues into alpine forest trail, towards Lake Segara Anak. Then wade across a cold stream to the campsite. Catch an afternoon nap, or just relax and rest. You can wash up at a nearby waterfall and hot spring, or try your hand at catching fish for dinner. We'll then dine under the stars, looking up at the hikers on the ridge above - we’ll be fast asleep when they wake up to summit the next day.

The next day starts with a leisurely breakfast before heading down into the forest to the next campsite, where you can learn how to make Indonesian sambal, or just relax around the campfire. This campsite is not far from the Torean village exit point, so we'll end around noon. The van will be waiting for us with our luggage. After a quick wash up and lunch, it's a long drive to the ferry jetty.

We then head off for 3 days on the island resort of Gili. This portion is very much free and easy. With a hotel right by the beach, sun, sea and surf is always within reach. Enjoy drinks and meals at the many beach restaurants and bars. No motorised transportation here, so explore the island on foot, bicycle, or horseback. Get onto a boat for island hopping, or go snorkelling to see corals, schools of fishes, turtles and underwater statues. There’s scuba, sub-wing and free dive operators if those are to your liking. Stay on land and go shopping for local handicrafts and souvenirs, get a massage, or just get your laundry done. Sounds good, eh?

Camino Portugues (last part) - Santiago de Compostela - 6D/7N - Easy to Moderate


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DO NOT click 'RSVP' or do not join this event without reading, understanding and accepting the content of the Knowledge Base.

This is a 2023 event for which swift booking will be necessary because of the limited accommodation available. If you click 'Attending' but haven't paid the deposit, we will have to revert your status to 'Not Attending'.

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain is renowned all over the globe. It is a network of pilgrimage routes all over Europe, called Camino, leading to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain.

It is not only rooted in medieval origins, but during the Middle Ages it was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages.

Over the last decades, the religious aspects have been gently pushed to the background and many non-Christians embark on these long distance trail for other, completely different reasons. Nobody will be asked to perform any religious act or to enter a religious building along the way.

The most famous and busiest Camino is the Camino Frances, which start at the French-Spanish border. We however will embark from the south of Santiago on the Camino Portuges.

The Camino Portugues starts in the Portuguese capital Lisbon and varies between 630 and 730km in length, depending on the chosen routes. Some pilgrims start their quest in Porto, about 250km south from Santiago.

This event will start from the Portuguese-Spanish border near Valença/Tui. The total distance of this six day hike will be between 115 and 120 kilometres. In this way participants will be eligible to receive the Compostela, a certificate, bearing your name, issued in Latin by the authorities of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela stating that you have successfully finished the pilgrimage on foot (see Photos in the Knowledge Base).

We cover a distance between 12 and 24 kilometres a day on a generally flat or gently undulating terrain, which makes this event also suitable for less-experienced hikers. There are no mountain trails. The routes are well marked and we will follow a mixture of dirt roads, woodland trails and minor roads. Closer to the towns and cities, we cannot avoid some busier roads.

The Iberian Peninsula is not only very hot and dry during the summer months, but it will also be very busy on the trails. We have chosen late spring for this event to avoid the crowds and to enjoy cooler temperatures while hiking.

At the start of the event you will receive a Credential, your Camino passport which has to be chopped at least twice every day during the pilgrimage in order to prove that you have performed your pilgrimage on foot (see Photos in the Knowledge Base).

Luggage transfer from ho(s)tel/albergue to ho(s)tel/albergue will be arranged, which means you will have to carry only your day pack with your mandatory items and the stuff you need for the day. Once you finish the hike of the day, your luggage will be at your disposal.

Unlike other self-guided Camino packages which are offered online, this package offers almost a complete all-in formula from Valença/Tui to Santiago de Compostela, including accommodation in Valença/Tui before the pilgrimage starts.

This event is the last stage of the Camino Portugues that we will start about three weeks prior to this event. By the time we reach Valença/Tui, a distance of more than 600 kilometres will already be behind us. In case you are interested to join from Lisbon, Fatima, Porto or anywhere else in between, just drop us a line...

More info can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Tour du Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)-With luggage transfer- 11D/11N -

Needs a location


Limited slots available...!

(NEWBIES) Have you submitted the KLH one-time Membership Form?
If not, do so here.
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If so, submit the Update Form here.

DO NOT join this event without reading, understanding and accepting the contents of the Knowledge Base.

The 2023 pricing is indicative as it is now based on the for 2022 applicable accommodation and transportation rates. The 2023 rates are not available yet.

This trek is confirmed once ten hikers have confirmed their participation. There are only limited accommodation spots available in the mountain huts/hostels and they tend to get fully booked pretty fast. The earlier you confirm your participation, the more chance you have that we still have a spot for you.

Before the former USSR split up in separate countries (some of them are in Europe now), the iconic Mount Blanc was the highest mountain in Europe. Hence this epic trek around the Mont Blanc massif is a bucket list item for many hikers. For more than ten days we will circle around the mountain starting off in France, passing through Italy on the way to Switzerland and back to France. No doubt that, if you love mountains, this is one of the most amazing treks on the planet.

Day in day out we will be treated with unforgettable vistas and panoramas, while working our way from one mountain hut/hostel to the next. An epic journey of more than 160km with around 10,000m elevation gain.

We will hike the entire circuit, so we will not have land transfers or cable car rides from one place to another as this is the case for many other organised treks.

Unlike for the 2022 event, there is no need to carry a heavy backpack. This time luggage transfer will be possible so you will only have to carry a daypack. Nevertheless, we urge you to keep your luggage to the minimum.

We will spend the night in mixed dorms and will have our meals in the accommodation places, so there is no need to carry tent, sleeping bag, food, cooking stuff, etc.

There should be no AMS concern as we hardly surpass the 2500m asl mark and temperatures should remain in the 13-26 degrees Celsius range.

What are the main differences compared to the 2022 event:

  • luggage transfer from one gite/refuge to the other is provided
  • proper lunch pack will be provided
  • lesser elevation gain
  • we have substituted the stages where most 2022 participants struggled
  • road assistance around lunch time and at the end of the stages where possible

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Jerejak Island - Esen Hill - Trans 13 Peaks (Penang Island) 2D/1N - IBP 39-95

1 Utama Bus Terminal


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