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The KNIME User Group UK has the purpose of promoting the awareness, use and adoption of KNIME, the open source predictive analytics platform from www.knime.org. Membership and meetup attendance is open to all KNIME users, those interested in KNIME, as well as those interested in extending their analytics capability. The aim is to hold meetups where real-life experiences of using KNIME are aired, new developments in KNIME are explained with some deep dives into KNIME capabilities. As an open analytics platform, KNIME can work with R, WEKA and many other tools - the interoperability of KNIME will also be covered. The objective is to build a connected community of KNIME users and all those interested in analytics. Join up, and find out who else is interested in KNIME. Meetups will initially be held in London. If there is enough interest, we hope to have additional meetups in other parts of the UK. If you have a story around KNIME or analytics - please contact us.

Upcoming events (2)

Data Connect: UK (Onsite/Hybrid in London)

MidCity Place

Join us for the next edition of Data Connect: UK in London. This event will be hosted onsite in Mid City Place at Atos Office.

Register for the online event here via Zoom : https://knime.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_T39_RbBvRAeOmeooev0Z3w

Talk 1 - Freedom of Information Act - Predicting a Request's Success using KNIME, by Matthew Sutton and Liam Whitfield, Data Science Consultants at Atos

This talk will showcase the natural language processing tools KNIME has and how the variety of intuitive nodes can be built up to create deep and interesting workflows. The use case will come from a public data source regarding Freedom of Information requests, where we will use KNIME to explore how we can predict the likelihood of a request being successful in gaining a full response by identifying the key topics required for prioritisation.

Talk 2 - Continuous Deployment for Data Science by Phil Winters, Senior Advisor at KNIME

In this presentation, we will look at continuously deploying Data Science in a governed and automated way. A structured approach along with a flexible KNIME framework and plenty of examples will be used to make it concrete and practical.


5:30PM - 5:40PM - Doors Open and Registration

5:40PM - 5:50PM - Welcome

5:50PM - 6:20PM - Freedom of Information Act - Predicting a Request's Success using KNIME

6:20PM - 6:50PM - Continuous Deployment for Data Science

6:50PM - 7:30PM - Food, Drinks, Data Connect UK board and Networking

Venue Address:
Second Floor, Mid City Place,
71 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6EA, UK

Just KNIME It - Study Group - Challenge #1

Link visible for attendees

The second season of "Just KNIME It” is underway: a sequence of weekly challenges to improve your skills in building KNIME workflows!

We meet online every Friday at 15.00 (London time) to discuss together how to solve the challenge of the week.

In this event we are going to discuss the challenge Just KNIME It #1. The challenge is going to be available at knime.com/just-knime-it.

Come prepared! Download the software from knime.com/downloads

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Just KNIME It - Study Group - How to Build Data Apps

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