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Are you interested in overnight backcountry travel? If you long to sleep under the stars, do multi-day treks in the wilderness, or paddle all day and sleep on beaches at night you have come to the right place.

All levels of experience are invited though some trips may not be appropriate for all members. There is an emphasis on getting out there especially on weekends and helping people expand their abilities in backcountry travel.

Some activities will include backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, ski touring, snowshoeing, and bicycle touring.

Come join us, learn more about traveling in the backcountry and find friends to explore with. We look forward to seeing you!

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Temagami Canada Day Canoe Trip

Needs a location

Difficulty: Intermediate (Read description below)

COST: Park Fees $0 + rentals, gas & food.
Drive Time:[masked]hrs
Limit – 9 People

I've been out of the county for the past several years, but am planning a week long trip to my favorite area in Ontario, Temagami this summer.

The advantage of going this far north is that there are no campsite fees, but the portaging and paddling can be a little more difficult due to the size of the lakes and the maintenance status of some of the portages.


All costs (Boats, transportation, food, gear etc..) are your responsibility.

You should be completely self sufficient, including having your own maps.

-------TRIP OVERVIEW-------

Located approximately 100km north of North Bay ON, Temagami is my favorite canoe trip location in Ontario. From its spectacular sunsets & its vast backcountry network of lakes and rivers; Temagami never disappoints.

Generally quieter than Algonquin & other parks closer to Southern Ontario Temagami also offers additional challenges; portages are harder, longer, and sometimes wet. The large lakes can make for some windy days and you feel a little more remote compared to some of the other areas. Campsites are spread out and fewer in number than in other places. Most sites are equipped with a thunderbox, but occasionally you'll find one that is not.

Highlights of Temagami include:

· A section of remote 2-300yr Old Growth Forest to explore

· Spectacular sunsets

· Fantastic fishing

· Opportunities for some great vistas from both Devils Rock and the Temagami Tower back in town.

Difficulty: Intermediate

This trip is probably not appropriate for you if this is the first time you’ve backcountry camped. Check out the many beginner trips that run each year for that experience.

If you are up for a challenge and to see some beautiful surroundings, then this trip is right up your ally.

Be prepared to be on the water from 9am to approx. 5-7pm most days depending on how fast the group moves & weather conditions. Breaks will be taken; lunch and swimming can happen as we move most days.

Wind – there can be lots of it in Temagami. This can cause us to work harder to meet our destination goals and to wake up very early to make some miles on calm water (if required).



Make sure that you are well setup for portaging. Pack gear into large backpacks or barrels to make moving it faster & easier. You should be able to portage your boat & gear in a maximum of 2 trips down the trail. If we all plan for a single carry portage it will make our days much shorter. So please plan accordingly.

Canoes only – this trip is not suitable for kayaks of any kind.
If you are renting, please pick up your boat, or have it delivered to the access point on Wed night because we will be launching promptly at 9am on Thurs morning.

## -------FOOD-------

Each person is responsible for their own food & cooking gear (Lightweight Stove, pots, utensils etc…)
Coolers are great for the car and parking lot, but please don’t bring them as part of the trip. If you need some meal suggestions check out the link below:

7 Breakfasts
7 Lunches
6 Dinners
Snacks & Drinks


We will drink lake water during this trip. Do not plan to carry bottled water beyond a 1L personal bottle that you can refill from the lake. Bring purification tables, a Pristine water purification kit or your preferred method of purification.

Personal Gear: Please see and review the gear list at the link below.
PERSONAL GEAR LIST LINK: http://bit.ly/SfMqsy


We had some footwear problems on previous trips (A badly sprained ankle) and some broken sandals that caused it. So please make sure bring 2 types of shoes for the trip, a pair to wear while paddling/portaging that has some ankle support and will get wet during the day and a dry pair for the campsite at night.


Wed, June 27th

Leave for Temagami after work, pick up rentals on the way up or arrange to have your boats delivered (More expensive) to the Red Squirrel Rd access point (Access Point #3 on your adventure map). Assuming a 5-6pm departure, arrive at the red squirrel lake parking lot around 11pm-Midnight & camp for the night in the parking lot (Free).

Rest of the trip will be updated with info as we get closer to to date.


--------LOCAL OUTFITTERS--------

Algonquin Outfitters – Huntsville, ON –[masked]https://algonquinoutfitters.com/rental/canoes/

This may be the best option for most, they should be open until 8pm on Wed night (Please call to confirm) and you can request pick up your boat at their downtown Huntsville location, which is just off the highway.

Expedition Kevlar 16’ (Swift Algonquin) $40.98/Day
Expedition Kevlar 17’ (Swift Algonquin) $40.98/Day
Solo Kevlar canoe 15 Keewaydin or 16': Shearwater $41.98/Day

Smoothwater Temagami N, ON-[masked] - [masked]

I have used them several times; they are also north of town closer to Red Squirrel Rd. You may be able to arrange to pick up of a boat on your way through town late on Wed night. Call to find out if that is possible at such a late hour.

They charge $200+ to deliver boats to our access point. If multiple people rent from here you could share that cost.

Standard 16' or 17' kevlar canoe (60 to 64 lb) - $34/day
Extra-light 16' kevlar canoe (less than 55 lb) - $34/day

Temagami Outfitters -[masked]http://www.icanoe.ca/service_canoe.html

Call to find out about pickup or delivery options. May not be open past 5pm on Wed.

Ultralight Kevlar Epoxy Canoes
16' Quetico 38lbs $47.75 per day
17' Quetico 38lbs $47.75 per day
14' Solo Canoe Kevlar Ultralight: 33lbs $43.50 per day

Gear/Boat/Ride Sharing

Use the comments to arrange sharing. I will setup a google doc as we get closer to the trip date.

Celebrate Canada Day in Noganosh

Needs a location


This is a trip to Noganosh Provincial Park. The last time I was there the wild character and the long continuous stretches of rivers are what attract me. This a non-operating park so the conditions are a bit rougher with the less maintenance. The trip should be fairly easy going with no major obstacles.
There will, however, be a lot of time on the water, so be prepared, but on the up side none of portages are long.

All distance, routing, and timings are guesses and subject to change as I see the conditions on the ground/water.

Challenges I anticipate

  • The first day is a long one, I expect it to take about 6 hours of paddling, not including breaks.
  • This time of year bugs tend to be fairly bad. I expect mosquitoes and flies. For your own sanity a head net, full long sleeve clothing, and bug spray (DEET/icaridin/picaridin) is recommended.
  • Since there is a lot of distance, being in decent shape will also be important.
  • There are cottages (and motor boats) on the first lake/river.
  • I am not sure how popular the camping areas will be. Last time it was easy to find a site, hopefully that has not changed.
  • Given the non-operational status there may be no privies in the campsite. Please be prepared to cathole. If you have never done this please do some research before leaving for your and everyone else's safety.

I am collecting $10 as a deposit. If you go on the trip you will receive a full refund.

Trip planning spreadsheet

Please fill out the following planning page. If you don't I will not take you into account when making arrangements.



I am planning on picking up a boat at Swift (https://www.swiftoutside.com/georgian-bay) when they open at 9AM sharp. You can too, or make other arrangements.
We should arrive at the put-in around 11AM and launch shortly after. The parking lot at the put-in can be very hard to spot; here is a link to the location.

We will paddle about 20 KM to Naganosh Lake. I estimate about 6 hours of paddling but with the long days we should have plenty of time in camp.

## Saturday

Explore a bit and and end up about 10 KM from the put-in, I'm thinking around Smokey Lake

## Sunday

Paddle back to the put-in and return the boats and head home. If you rented from Swift, they have a after hours drop off rack.

The KW Backcountry Travel Meetup Monthly Meetup

Needs a location

We will discuss our past trips, ideas for upcoming trips, welcome new members, and just generally hang out.

More Kayaking Georgian Bay

Needs a location

Another sea kayak trip! for the weekend of July 16, somewhere, I don’t know. We can talk about where we want to go, and when we want to meet up - the general experience level of the group may have some bearing on this. Expect twelve to be the maximum number of paddlers.

An organizing spreadsheet will be sent later by email. No pets on this trip, thanks. Camping and parking expenses will total around $30 each. Your RSVP puts you on the Waitlist. I will contact you to discuss your experience level. I’ll ensure an appropriate mix of experienced and inexperienced sea kayakers.

Your RSVP indicates your agreement with the terms of the Co-Participant Understanding. There's always someone to lend a hand on KWBT Meetup trips, but you are responsible for your own transportation, food, gear, and personal safety. You can DM me with any questions through this Meetup app.



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The KW Backcountry Travel Meetup Monthly Meetup

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