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Are you interested in overnight backcountry travel? If you long to sleep under the stars, do multi-day treks in the wilderness, or paddle all day and sleep on beaches at night you have come to the right place.

All levels of experience are invited though some trips may not be appropriate for all members. There is an emphasis on getting out there especially on weekends and helping people expand their abilities in backcountry travel.

Some activities will include backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, ski touring, snowshoeing, and bicycle touring.

Come join us, learn more about traveling in the backcountry and find friends to explore with. We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming events (5+)

Backcountry Canoeing & Hiking Trip at the Massassauga prov park

Massassauga Provincial Park Site 31


We are going on a backcountry canoe trip, starting at Pete's Place access point going to Blackstone Harbor lake to set camp. From there we can explore the bay and stretch the legs on a hike of Baker Trail. friday: camp at site 503 on Blackstone harbor saturday: camp at site 501. head out to the outer bay & paddle around sunday: return to Pete's place parking lot. option to check out the rapids & blackstone river. Difficulty level: beginner/intermediate (i rated it as such due to a 2km crossing of Wood's bay, on a good day a novice can handle it, but if its windy, good steering skills will come handy) paddling: 6km one way, no portages hiking: 5.5km loop (Baker trail) You will also need basic camping skills, gear & clothing. this is *not* a car camping trip! rentals canoe rentals at Pete's place. phone no:[masked] pick up & drop off right there. getting there: we encourage carpooling as much as possible. cost: expect about $30 per person for the camping fees, parking & firewood any questions, drop me message will set up a google sheet later for carpooling & paddling partners Asvin

August Long Weekend in Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park


We're HIKING in Algonquin Provincial Park. The weather in August settles into beautiful conditions to enjoy the trails. We will backpack on the Western Uplands Trail in Algonquin Provincial Park, starting out from the Rain Lake Access point. The plan will be to arrive Friday evening and hike the first 2 kms to our campsite on Rain Lake. On Saturday morning we'll break camp and complete the remaining 6km of rail trail, then drop into the woods to hike about 13 kms to Pincher Lake. We'll have lunch on the way and enjoy the shade of the large tree canopy over our heads. There are some rugged elevation changes in the last 4 kms leading into Pincher Lake, so we will feel very rewarded by the solitude and blue waters when we arrive at our destination. Sunday morning enjoy a lazy breakfast, catch yourself some down time till about noon, sling a hammock, bring a book to read. We then hike back to Islet lake, some 9 kms that we passed the day before. From our campsite on Islet Lake, Monday morning, we will only have a 3 - 4 hour hike back to our cars, so we will all be home before too late. Although there is nothing very difficult about this hike, the following challenges do still exist: During this trip we will be many hours from the nearest assistance and hiking a full day on Saturday. The overall distance being covered is about 42 kms (round trip). All participants should be in good physical condition and breaking camp early on Saturday morning ensures we can cover our longest leg (19 kms) without having to push ourselves very hard. Carpools and gear sharing will be arranged on the following spreadsheet. The backpacking community is pretty reliable when it comes to lending and/or sharing gear resources, so just ask. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P9vomJeuceP8K5ma8apq0sYaR05J8H-o5imem50wO9Q/edit?usp=sharing Please enter your driving information even if you are not carpooling so everyone knows you don't need a ride. Itinerary: Meet Friday night at the Rain Lake Access point (sometime between 9 ~ 11pm). We will wait in the parking area and leave together as a group. The hike to the first campsite takes about 1 hour (from previous experience). Monday mid - afternoon we will drive home greatly refreshed and possibly a bit dirty. Showers are available to use at Arrowhead Provincial Park (exit north of Huntsville). Money: $12.43 X 3 = $37.29: Backcountry site fee $11.00: Park internet reservation surcharge. To be split evenly between participants. This amount assumes 9 participants. $1.46: Goes to PayPal fees Total: $39.97 In addition you will need need cash for: Food for the drive Fuel for the drive (Gas split evenly between drivers and their passengers) Driving Directions: The following Google Map shows how to get to the trail head where we will set off Friday night. https://goo.gl/maps/AlqpP

Two day Canoe Trip in Magnetawan Provincial Park

Harris Lake

Join me for a two day paddling trip in Magnetawan Provincial Park. I have never been to this park but I think it should be an easy route. This should be a good trip for people new to canoeing. Having traveled nearby, I predict: * Lots of wildlife spotting. I have seen beaver, loons, woodpeckers, large turtles, and herons. * Fairly small bodies of water most of time reducing the risk of big windy lake crossings. That being said, we do start out on a sizeable lake. * Very few portages Challenges I anticipate are: * A fair bit of paddling, at least 5+ hours. * As with anything in the summer, mosquitoes are to be expected * The first part of the trip is on motorboat accessible lake. We should expect a fair number of boats throwing wakes our way, but the lake we are camping on is past a portage, so should have much less, if any, boat traffic. * There is one 364 M portage. You should be in decent shape, but this trip will be fairly easy going so you don’t need to be a fast paddler. Itinerary ======== We will be starting at the Harris Lake put-in at 10:30 AM, https://goo.gl/maps/2wjctV2r3WKoS6m76 We will spend the night on the Magnetewan River after paddling about 15 KM Maps ===== Here is a map of the route http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=7388265 You can find a more detailed map of the area in this forum post. https://www.myccr.com/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=46430 That map can be download on your smart phone for free using the “Avenza Maps” app, look for the map called “Magnetawan-Noganosh Backcountry Canoeing Map”. This way you can (and should) bring it along with you on the trip. Trip coordination ================ If are coming please fill out the trip planning spreadsheet below immediately; even if you have to update it a couple times, it helps others a lot getting it done sooner. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1axsIe1rminB5l7NN8daYlYb95S8SS_Q8nxHVReQpe5s/edit?usp=sharing IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be unable to help figure out the logistics of the trip as I will be very busy in the weeks leading up to the trip. Please use the spreadsheet to arrange your own boat sharing arrangements, carpools, and gear sharing. When arranging boats try to arrange having at least one significantly “experienced” paddler in each boat. If you need to rent a boat, here are a couple places along the way I know about: * White Squall Paddling Centre & Outfitting Shop * Swift Canoe & Kayak - Georgian Bay Money ====== As for money, I am collecting a $10 deposit. If you come on the trip you will get your deposit back in full. Also, if you share a car please share the gas expenses evenly with everyone (driver included).

The KW Backcountry Travel Meetup Monthly Meetup

McCabes Irish Pub and Grill

We will discuss our past trips, ideas for upcoming trips, welcome new members, and just generally hang out. Look for us in the Harp room, in the left rear or ask a server and they will point the way.

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The KW Backcountry Travel Meetup Monthly Meetup

McCabes Irish Pub and Grill

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