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Tech Talk: Robots
Technology is taking off! And with a big enough impact on today and the future, to likely alter our world faster & in more ways than this planet has seen in its entire life span, it should be a relevant and interesting topic to discuss. What: General topic- technology. Specific topic varies monthly. Casual conversation. Robots What role will robots play in the future? Will they play a big part in replacing the need for humans? What parts of society will they be used for; enhanced physical function (combined with humans?), companion? Egs. of advanced robot physical capabilities: Where: Pub on King has a great menu of food, all for $6. Who: All welcome, regardless of education/knowledge. Feel free to share opinions and ideas, as long as you’re respectful of others.

The Pub On king

77 King Street North Waterloo, Ontario · Waterloo, ON

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