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Everyone asks Why was i born and what am i to do in this life? Here is your chance to learn the answers for yourself. Chanoch Ben Yaacov - a teacher of the tools of Kabbalah is coming to Tucson and the surrounding area. He will make available to the Tucson community a 20 week course of the Tools of Kabbalah starting in December. The classes follow the following format. They are interactive, questions are required. Class 1 - Introduction Class 2 - What happened Before the Big Bang or why was i created. Class 3 - Kabbalists Tool Box Class 4 - 72 Names of God - Why does he need so many Aliases Class 5 - Binding by Striking - How can i have free will if everything is pre destined. Class 6 - Time and Calenders - Why are they tools to improve life? Class 7 - Tshuva - Back to the Future Class 8 - Tzedaka will save you from death Class 9 - Hebrew Astrology Class 10 - Reincarnation that is real Class 11 - Shabbat - the window in time Class 12- My reasons for being born? Come learn these and many other spiriitual rules of this life! Call Chanoch at 818-613-3457 or email to See his teachings at

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