Kafka February meetup

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6:00 - Networking

6:30 - Opening (Clark Haskins, LinkedIn)

6:35 - Loose Coupling with the Jitney Project (Alexis Midon & Krishna Puttaswamy, Airbnb)

Abstract: As the number of services in your architecture explodes, how can you maintain loose coupling? As new code is deployed many times a day, how do data scientists and developers collaborate to model, collect, and maintain high quality user activity data? At Airbnb, to solve these challenges, the Jitney project leverages Kafka to propagate Thrift events.

Alexis Midon is a Software Engineer on the Production Infrastructure team at Airbnb. He focuses on scaling Airbnb architecture with Kafka. When he's not coding, Alexis is most likely sailing on the bay, cooking or arguing about naming.

Krishna Puttaswamy is a software engineer on the Data Infrastructure team at Airbnb. He works on making data systems more reliable and building systems for data analysis. Before Airbnb, he was at LinkedIn working on Data Infrastructure. Prior to that he was conducting research on distributed systems in research labs and academia.

7:05 - Large Messages via Kafka (Jiangjie (Becket) Qin, LinkedIn)

Abstract: Like many other messaging systems, Kafka has put limit on the maximum message size. User will fail to produce a message if it is too large. This limit makes a lot of sense and people usually send to Kafka a reference link which refers a large message stored somewhere else. However, in some scenarios, it would be good to be able to send messages through Kafka without external storage. At LinkedIn, we have a few use cases that can benefit from such feature. This talk covers our solution to send large message through Kafka without additional storage.

7:35 - Optimizing a Kafka consumer (Rajiv Kurian, SignalFX)

Abstract: We'll explore how SignalFx wrote a Kafka consumer optimized for their needs. We'll talk about the specific optimizations and look at some results.

8:10 - Kafka Q&A


This meetup will be streamed and recorded. Streaming URL: http://www.ustream.tv/linkedin-events

Food and drinks will be provided, but so please RSVP if you plan to attend in person.

We'll be raffling off a free pass to Kafka Summit (kafka-summit.org) - you must be present to win.