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Kambo ceremony and soundbath Woodland Hills
Join us every other Sunday In our beautiful private Woodland Hills location for a deeply cleansing Kambo Ceremony and Sound bath session with Kambo Restore and V(eye)bes LA. Kambo is the secretion of the Giant green monkey tree frog. It is collected and used by many native tribes across the Amazon. The frog itself is never harmed as they are considered teachers and carriers of sacred medicine. ​Traditionally Kambo is used: ​-To prepare warriors for hunting & to increase speed, focus and strength -As a medicine for malaria, fever, infections and snake bites. -To clear dark or negative energy, known as 'panema', allowing the recipient to overcome obstacles/challenges and life to flow more easily. 🐸 Detox your body 🐸 Clear emotional & energetic blockages 🐸 Gain mental clarity 🐸 For other positive effects and benefits of Kambo, as well as contraindications, please head to Link for tickets to this event in profile bio. 🐸 1 session $130 3 sessions $350 5 sessions $500 Bring: A large towel, yoga mat, a gallon of water and anything you need to make yourself comfortable (blanket/pillow etc) Please let us know if you have any prior medical conditions, or are taking medications or supplements. No Alcohol or drugs for 24hrs beforehand. Longer is better. Fasting for 8 hours pre Ceremony is mandatory. KAMBO IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!! Please check for a list of contraindications and do your own research.

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