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Sunday Kambo Circle
Kambo begins as a very deep, cleansing therapy; physically, emotionally and mentally. Kambo contains a number of active components, many of which are potent neuropeptides which communicate directly with the brain. It is one of the world’s most powerful, natural antibiotics and has a dramatic, positive effect on the immune system. It acts as a detoxifier, clearing the liver and intestines, it improves cognitive functioning and has the potential to remove troublesome emotional blocks that have been hiding beneath the surface for a whole lifetime.To reserve your space please book tickets online through our website. Visit our booking page to reserve & pay for your ticket through our secure online booking system. We email the tickets & all the event details direct to your inbox. Online booking cost £60 ---------------------------------------------------------------- **Please be sure to arrive on time **Bring 2x2 litres of water with you and a blanket if you'd like one **Come in a fasted state Sacred Kambo circle where each participant will have the opportunity to receive the sacred medicine in a safe and loving environment. The Planet Kambo Team of practitioners - Jon, Noa, Fiona and Ulric will be on hand to guide you through this healing process. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive rapé tobacco snuff and sananga eye drops. These are optional. There are certain contraindications for Kambo. Any conditions related to the heart or blood pressure can be an issue. Please feel free to ask, either a private message or alternatively request phone call before the ceremony. Participants MUST fast for 6-8 hours before the ceremony as they must have no food in the stomach when taking Kambo. Best to fast from the night before. Any problems on the day call Jon -[masked] At Planet Kambo we are passionate about healing. Healing in the most natural way - with one’s own mind and body. Kambo is an incredibly powerful, completely natural medicine that allows this authentic healing process to take place. At Planet Kambo we have a dedicated team of experienced Kambo practitioners who are here to help you on your journey of healing. When you attend one of our circles to receive the sacred medicine you will be welcomed into a safe and loving environment where true healing and transformation can take place. Your safety and comfort is always our top priority and we aim to make you feel truly cared for as we guide you through this powerful process.

London Rehearsal Space

4th Floor Templeton House 33-34 Chiswell Street London EC1Y 4SF · London

What we're about

Welcome to Kambo Warrior Mind Training

This is a group for radical self discovery, self improvement, to heal old wounds and improve the quality of life. You may have heard of the Hero's Journey as the plot line to Star Wars or a narrative in ancient literature. Whether we know it or not we all live out the Hero's Journey at some point in our lives. This group is dedicated to those who are walking that path.

Using a mix of eastern and western techniques supported by the latest neuroscience we can help with recovering from PTSD, childhood trauma, abuse and the associated behaviour patterns; addiction, depression, anxiety, anger and self harm. We offer effective strategies for releasing trauma from the body, rebuilding self confidence, overcoming anxiety, and regaining control of your life. We can also help everyone improve their relationships, increase productivity and master social skills with workshops based around effective communication and life strategies.

We will cover:

Trauma release exercise
Improving social skills
Story telling and public speaking
Letting go of the past and forgiveness,
Anger release
Spirituality and non duality,

Law of attraction,

Talks from guest speakers and much, much more.

(You will never be obliged to share any personal information and participation is always optional. Whether you participate or not simply attending will always increase your knowledge and understanding.)

Lead by experienced coaches Jonathan Gold, David Rees and one of Europe's leading trauma reduction therapists Chris John who’ve each overcome enormous personal hardships and undertaken their own personal trials of fire. With unique stories of healing and recovery they bring together and share the techniques that saved their lives and the lives of thousands of their clients and helped them to become the men they are today. This is a completely free meetup because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to improve their quality of life regardless of their budget.

If you’re serious about healing, reclaiming control of your life and want to join a community lead by dedicated, professional therapists and coaches click the 'join now' button & begin your Hero’s Journey. What have you got to lose? Come and join us at our next meeting and begin to discover who you truly are and realise your potential as the hero in your own life.

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