What we're about

Are you interested in developing your relationship awareness and communication skills?

Our events will be organized, fun and interactive...you will be INVOLVED!

With groups now in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Regina, Lethbridge, Winnipeg and now KAMLOOPS, A Conscious Partner is helping to bring awareness and communication skills to people all over western Canada.

More like a game show than a Meetup! We call them "GrowthShops".

We all have a toolbox of some sort that carries the physical tools we need to fix up the little things that can go wrong in our homes and in our cars. What about your mental toolbox for working on the things that can go wrong in your relationship? Is that box full of functional tools?

This is a group for people of all ages, and any type of relationship, who would like to improve their awareness and communication skills. The goal is to get groups of people together in organized, but casual settings to discuss all aspects of relationships. It is a great way to interact, meet other people in an "organic" way, and for singles, it is a great way to learn about other people and become attracted to those who are attractive in real life, not just on a computer screen.

Our GrowthShops will cover topics like;

• What are your Core Values?

• Do You Know Your Attachment Style?

• Dealing with Relationship Conflict "consciously".

• Discover your Personality

• The 8 Conscious Connections

• The 6 Conscious Principles

And so much more!!

Check out the GrowthShop reviews on both the website and on Facebook!

TELL me and I will forget. TEACH me and I might remember. INVOLVE me and I will learn.

Based on the information found at http://www.aconsciouspartner.com

Developed by Bruce Dougherty and Dr. Gisele Tennant

Here are some real reviews (Go to the website or Facebook for more reviews!)

Last night was my first time attending A Conscious Partner event and I was more than pleasantly surprised with the thoroughness of the preparation, and how they made the evening a fun environment while facilitating the potential for growth and knowledge of some
pretty heady material. Great job!!

I had a wonderful time & learned so much. Meeting so many wonderful people. Thank you!!

Thanks for a great evening, really enjoyed it. Was lots of laughs and great fun...
great way to learn about ourselves!

As usual, a great evening of fun and self learning. I enjoy this group very much because it gets people talking about what really matters. Thank you for another fun informative evening. Looking forward to next month already :)

Another great evening with Conscious Partners. I've done a few of these core values discoveries and this was certainly one of the best laid processes I've ever done. Great discussion with all the folks I had the good pleasure to work with last night. Looking forward to the next meet. :)

Very well organized, and a fun way to gain valuable information with a lot of really great people.

I am always amazed with what I learn at these Growthshops! It was a very enjoyable evening!

Had such a good understanding of who I am tonight and the series is so interesting.

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