What we're about

The Melbourne Kanban Meetup is intended to be the home of Kanban for the Melbourne agile / management / leadership community. We've renamed this from the "Limited WiP Society" as we wanted it to be more reflective of what we talk about.

Many people are using various aspects of agile, however there is a great deal of depth and knowledge in the worldwide Kanban community that has not yet become so well known in Australia. The purpose of this group is to share and grow Kanban knowledge and make connections for people interested in Kanban. We hope that Kanban can become known as more than "Just a board" and used to it's full potential to help evolve and transform organisations to better serve their customers and have greater prosperity for the future. We believe that Kanban can and should be applied to other contexts outside of software and technology therefore we encourage people to try it in their different contexts.

There are also many resources around the world to assist with Kanban, please also see the Limited WiP Society site http://limitedwipsociety.ning.com/

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Combined Kanban / Cynefin meetup


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Slicing Heuristics with Neil Killick

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