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This group is for everyone interested in Kanban, evolutionary change and/or agile management.

Kanban is an evolutionary approach to agility and a Change Management Method.

Kanban is highly adaptable to any kind of knowledge work and it is no framework. It is historically often used in IT-environments as a team approach for organising work, but in no ways limited to that - many knowledge workers are successfully using Kanban on different organisational levels and in various departments and industries.

The Limited-WiP-Society is the official community of the Kanban University founded by Kanban Inventor David J. Anderson, open for everyone who is interested, without any obligations. http://limitedwipsociety.ning.com/page/local-groups

Kanban is all about learning - and it is far more than moving yellow stickies on a board...

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Teodora Bozheva: Project Management with Kanban

Online event

Nowadays, in the context of changing customer demand and rapid technology progress, project organisations have to develop the competencies that allow them to adapt and thrive.

The Kanban practices, appropriately integrated with those of PMBOK or another project management method, strengthen the communication, team management, planning, monitoring and risk management skills of the project managers. This allows them and their teams to conduct projects with greater agility and confidence.

The Kanban Maturity Model describes an evolutionary approach to introducing the Kanban practices for project management.

In addition, it does it in parallel with the development of a culture of transparency, collaboration and alignment around the business purpose.

In this meetup Teodora Bozheva will present the basics of project management with Kanban and how to gradually develop them through the Kanban Maturity Model.

About Teodora:
Teodora Bozheva is a founder and CEO of Berriprocess Agility. For more than 15 years she has been helping companies in different domains to level-up their project and service management and meet and exceed the expectations of their customers through Kanban.
In 2021 she received the Kanban University Fellow Award for her contribution to the development of the Kanban Method and the creation of the Kanban Maturity Model. She is the co-author of the "Kanban Maturity Model" with David J. Anderson and author of the "Complete Guide to Project, Program and Portfolio Management with Kanban".

This will be a shared event with IIBA NZ-wide: https://www.meetup.com/Wlg-IIBA/events/279722289/

Kanban Lean Coffee

Online event

We're going to wrap up the year with a Lean Coffee event. It's going to be a relaxed atmosphere where you can catch up with friends and colleagues and talk kanban for the evening. We'll split into separate groups (depending on numbers) so that we get the most coverage possible with different people asking different questions. Given the timeslot and the relaxed atmosphere, please feel free to substitute the coffee for beer, wine or whatever you might like to drink on the night.

So if you have any questions or points of discussion, please bring them along. If you've never been to a lean coffee event, full details about the format is available here: https://leancoffee.org/

Also - we have a special guest making a return appearance - Teodora Bozheva. So if you've got any follow up questions to her meetup about Project Management with Kanban or the Kanban Maturity Model, I'm sure she'd be quite happy to be part of that conversation.

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