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This is a group for anyone interested in Kanban and improving the flow of value. All experience levels welcome. Topics will range from introductory to advanced. Join a group of like minded individuals and come relax, connect, and grow in all things Kanban.

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Kanban SoCal - Scrum and Kanban - Lean Coffee Style

Online event

Scrum and Kanban - Lean Coffee Style

Enjoy this themed Lean Coffee style discussion. We will explore Scrum and Kanban, and those who attend will create the discussion topics.

Example topics include:
- Should my Scrum team move to Kanban?
- Do Scrum and Kanban work together?
- How are Scrum and Kanban different?
- Should my team start with Scrum or Kanban?
- And more...

If you are new to this type of format, you can learn the details here: http://leancoffee.org/.

This will be an online event using Zoom. If you are new to Zoom, you can download the application at https://zoom.us/download.

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Kanban SoCal - Kanban Simulation Game

Online event

Interested in learning about Kanban?
Improving your Kanban skills?
Have some colleagues you'd like to introduce to Kanban?

Come join an online interactive kanban simulation game.

We will be playing an online version of Featureban 3.0. This is fun and hands on way to explore the power of Kanban systems. No prior experience is required. If you are new to Kanban this is a great introduction.

We will play several iterations and learn about
- Visual management
- Work-In-Progress (WIP) Limits
- Simple Metrics
- and more....

Learn more about Featureban here:

The online version allows both participants and spectators in each game so if you'd like to just watch please join in and RSVP.

Kanban SoCal - The secrets of the Kanban Maturity Model

Have you ever tried to implement Kanban, but everyone resisted, and it simply didn't stick?

Or maybe you have introduced a Kanban board, and it didn't work.

Join our event to learn: "The secrets of Kanban Maturity Model" from Ania Radzikowska:

- Why KMM?
- Where does it come from?
- How is KMM related to sports coaching?
- How to avoid the most popular failure modes in Kanban implementation?
- Where can you find information about KMM?
- And...why should you even bother?

Bring your own questions! In the Q&A session, Anna will help you to solve your doubts!

Guest Speaker
This talk will be presented by Anna Radzikowska, Product Manager, Kanban Maturity Model. Anna has over 13 years of experience in finance, training, and project management: working in the public sector, big companies, and running her own business.

She always combines project work with its practical application in daily activities, resulting in continuous support, training, and improvements after the project ends. She is kaizen culture and Kanban method passionate. Being an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) member helps her better understand the business she’s working with and gives her another angle view on different (including financial) aspects of software development and product support.

Currently, Anna works as Product Manager of a Kanban Maturity Model, which supports modern businesses in growing into fit for purpose organization.

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Kanban SoCal - Kanban Simulation Game

Online event

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