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Kangoo Jumps will work you from head to toe. Enjoy a fun cardio class and watch your fitness level rise without needing the coordination of an aerobic or dance class. This class is taught in interval style and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Burn 800-1500 calories in 1-hour!!

Decreases the impact on your joints by 80%!

______________________________________Washington Post Article 2/24/12

Best for the trend-seeker looking to shed pounds: Kangoo Jumps at Laurel Community Center

It’s a Wednesday evening at the Laurel Community Center gymnasium, and I’m wondering just what I’ve gotten myself into. On the wall next to the basketball court looms a rack of the strangest footwear I have ever seen. Kangoo Jumps look a lot like ski boots, but they have an elliptical apparatus affixed to the soles that gives when you walk.

This is where the “jumps” part comes in — you can jump as high as three feet with minimal impact to your joints. Balancing on the boots also develops core muscles. Spring-loaded boots were originally invented to help athletes recovering from leg injuries, and the Kangoo Jumps routine gained popularity in the late ’90s.

The class atmosphere is welcoming — a friendly group of women in their 30s on up. I’m not the only first-timer here, either. A few of the women have brought their own Kangoo Jumps, which you can buy online for about $200. They clearly mean business, but they’re happy to engage us fresh-faced newbies. Instructor Denise Pullet insists that balancing on Kangoo Jumps is easy and that no one has ever fallen in her class. She helps get me outfitted and literally holds my hand to pull me up to standing.

At first, I feel awkward and off-balance. But as soon as we start jumping, I almost forget that these ridiculous-looking things on my feet are even there. The class consists of two segments — the first focuses on cardio and the second on strength. Lots of jumping in the first half definitely gets my heart pumping, and Pullet is tough but a good motivator through a series of difficult leg lifts at the end (the shoes act as a weight). Upbeat hip-hop and Latin music also helps. And come spring, Pullet takes classes outdoors for Kangoo Outdoor Bootcamp.

The actual workout isn’t much different than your average cardio routine, and the choreography is simple and mostly easy to follow. So what does Kangoo Jumps have on other, less bouncy workouts? Pullet says wearing Kangoo Jumps reduces 80 percent of the impact on your joints and helps burn as many as 1,000 calories per hour-long class. Plus, it’s always nice to have a little extra spring in your step.

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