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What we’re about


And welcome to the Adventure Club. We are a bunch of semi normal people looking to explore, exercise, and just have fun. We are not limited to any particular sport or event, so if you have an idea, let us know. We will try to match up the different fitness levels with other members. And that works best if we have a large active group. But be ready to sweat and push your comfort zone.

All outdoor activities are sought after. So if you are looking for backpacking, camping, biking (road and mountain), hiking, rock climbing, skiing, scuba, sailing, flying, outdoor photography, kayaking, shooting, or anything else having to do with adventure or fun, then this may be the place. but it depends on you!

I'm hoping all of you, including the inactive ones (you know who you are.), will contact me. Please bring your thoughts, knowledge, and fun ideas. Last minute ideas are welcome too. How many times have you gone biking alone? No need to do that anymore. Please send me an email and introduce yourself, a little about why you joined, and how I can help you.

The best way to make this club work for you, is to post messages (questions, thought, ideas, advice) on the boards about what it is you like to do. Tell us your goals. Then tell me, and the club, when you would like to get a group together to enjoy the event.

I've learned that most people would rather sit and wait for someone else to post a meetup. Or they talk themselves out of attending due to a million and one reasons. Please, please, please, don't do that. That is a good way to get yourself removed from the club. Let me add - No-Shows suck! Talking yourself out of attending is also a good way to hold yourself back from many positive things. Be an active member! Have fun. Make friends. Even host an event every now and then. (highly encouraged) It's not hard. It's a great way to meet others. And you get to pick the place and activity!

Welcome aboard. I'll see you outside.