The Journey to Becoming the #1 Kaggle Grandmaster

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Kaggle is a vibrant community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners where they compete to solve complex data science problems.

Kaggle’s progression system uses performance tiers to track progress across four categories of data science expertise: Competitions, Notebooks, Datasets, and Discussion. Based on the quantity and quality of work done, there are five performance tiers that can be achieved: Novice, Contributor, Expert, Master, and Grandmaster.

Reaching the prestigious level of Grandmaster not only takes expertise in one or more categories but also winning numerous medals, a strong analytical mindset, and the ability to solve real-world problems.

Recently, Guanshuo Xu, Data Scientist at was named the #1 Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster after winning the ALASKA2 Image Steganalysis competition hosted by the Troyes University of Technology.

Join us on Tuesday, August 18th at 11:00 AM CDT where Sri Ambati, CEO & Founder of will lead a virtual panel with Guansho, Marios Michailidis, Competition Data Scientist, #3 (formerly #1) Kaggle Grandmaster, Olivier Grellier, Senior Data Scientist at and double Kaggle Grandmaster.

During this virtual panel, you will learn how these Grandmasters started their journey into data science, insight on how they win competitions, and advice for those aspiring to become a Kaggle Grandmaster.