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Real AI Transformation: Getting Models Into Production

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Real AI Transformation: Getting Models Into Production


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Too many Data Science projects never get out of the analysis phase. If and when they do, they typically get delayed by technical or organizational challenges. These technical and organizational challenges are often related to where a company is in its journey toward real AI transformation. Some companies see the need to transform and are left wondering how to connect the dots while others AI transformations happen every day.

Join us on Tuesday, September 15th at 1:00 PM CDT where Thomas Ott, Customer Solutions Engineer/Business Data Scientist at, will focus on how to identify where your company is in the AI transformation journey, overcome challenges for putting models in production, and learn where can help you transform to an AI company.

Tom will showcase production strategies for H2O-3 open source, Driverless AI, and the new Model Ops.

In this Meetup, you will learn about:

- Identifying how innovative your company is
- Roadblocks to model production & how to overcome them
- Ways to deploy the MOJO
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