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What we’re about

This is a casual, inclusive, and open group for anyone interested in sharing, learning, exchanging, and/or disseminating information about astrology and related topics. Anyone in the Kansas City area and beyond is warmly welcomed!

This is not just limited strictly to pure astrology! If you have any requests for related topics, feel free to post it on the group pages. If you have an event, class, or fair that you'd like to post in Kansas City Astrology, just send me an email through Meetup Messages or directly with the details (title, date, time, address, description, photos) and I'll gladly post it for you, no strings attached, no cost. Doing this helps you reach more people while keeping the community active, all while keeping information of your contacts, clients, and friends private.

You can find out more about me, Cindy Mckean, on my website "Kansas City Astrology & Tarot, LLC" at 


I am NOT a member of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers, Inc (AOA) in Kansas City or their Meetup group, "Kansas City Astrology - AOA". 

For more information about the lawsuit I had to file against them and Julia Purdy (a.k.a. Julia Thompson) for REPEATED, and SUSTAINED unlawful actions against me, along with resources on how to deal with being bullied or harassed, and links to penalties for filing false police reports and making false statements (defamatory and injurious falsehoods), please visit You will have access to the lawsuit, settlement, public apology, and links. 


As a summary: For around two years, I was targeted by a group of women between 65-75 years old in the Kansas City, MO area. Some are members of the "Kansas City Astrology - AOA" Meetup. After their behavior escalated from threats to unlawful behaviors, I had to take legal action against them. As bizarre as this sounds, it was a serious matter.

Brenda Smith, Jill Connors, Jean Evelyn Lininger, Elnor Barron, and Julia Purdy were on the AOA board at the time of the attacks and lawsuit, Elizabeth Cutting was listed as their agent.

In my opinion, those who cheered them on, blindly followed their clear lies, and/or participated or supported them in any way with this matter are also guilty.

Cyberbullying, defamation, libel, malicious falsehoods, and false police reports (among other actions they took against me) are all unlawful behavior that no one should have to suffer from. 

Part of the settlement agreement for the lawsuit I filed against them is a retraction/apology:

"The Aquarian Organization of Astrologers, Inc. (AOA) and Julia Purdy have made allegations online and verbally about Cindy Mckean and her business, Kansas City Astrology and Tarot, LLC.

These allegations were false. We express our regret.

All parties have come to a resolution and we wish each other the best with our future endeavors."

- Statement issued by AOA & Julia Purdy.

Case number 1616-CV10969