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If you're interested in solving coding challenges using your favorite language, preparing for coding questions you might see in interviews, solving coding puzzles, learning clean coding, or generally improving your coding skills, this Meetup is for you!

Each meeting we will have lightning presentations of solutions to various coding challenges followed by a group discussion around the code used to solve the problem. We will then wrap up with the introduction of one or two new problems for the attendees to solve for the next meeting.

Coding problems will be pulled from Interview Cake ( https://www.interviewcake.com/ ), Project Euler ( https://projecteuler.net/ ), Lisp 99 ( http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~meidanis/courses/mc336/2006s2/funcional/L-99_Ninety-Nine_Lisp_Problems.html ), and other sources as we may decide.

Participants are free to solve the problem using their preferred programming language. Or, perhaps a new language they are trying to learn. Solution presentations will give everyone exposure to a range of languages and solution approaches.

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