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September Code Challenge: Algorithms, ML, UI

September Code Challenge: Algorithms, ML, UI


This month, we'll discuss 3 algorithm puzzles, 1 machine learning challenge, and 1 web UI development cue.

This will be a casual meeting. You don't need to have worked on all - or any! - of the challenges before coming. Those of us who have finished solutions can discuss the approaches we took and what we learned along the way, and those who are still working are welcome to talk through any difficulties you're encountering.

The challenges cover a few different fields and difficulty levels so you can focus on the ones most interesting to you.

Here are the algorithm puzzles, from HackerRank:
- Arrays: Left Rotation ("easy" difficulty) -
- New Year Chaos ("medium" difficulty) -
- Matrix Layer Rotation ("hard" difficulty) -

Here's the machine learning problem, from Kaggle:
- Digit Recognizer -

Here's the UI challenge. Take this in any direction you want - the goal is to learn something and perhaps build something that will be fun to show the group. There are no right or wrong answers.
- The most epic Hello World possible -


Although we usually meet at the Plaza library, this month we will be meeting at the Central Library downtown. We'll be in meeting room 312.
The Kansas City Public Library: Central Library
14 W 10th St · Kansas City, MO
How to find us

We'll be in Meeting Room 312. Our room reservation starts at 7pm, we will not be in there earlier.

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