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Welcome to Kansas City’s Graph Database Meetup! Modeling real-world systems as nodes connected by edges can unlock startling insights and power advanced artificial intelligence. Graph is also a fun, flexible, and accessible approach to database technology that stores data in structures your team can sketch on a whiteboard. No wonder analysts are projecting explosive growth in graph database adoption over the next few years!

Connect with local graph enthusiasts to find out about how people in the Kansas City region are putting this exciting technology to work in applications including social network analysis, fraud detection, and life sciences. Graph technology has evolved quickly in recent years. We’re all learning, and people of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome. If you’re curious about the connections underlying our complex world, this is the group for you.

Find us on Slack. https://bit.ly/2TUU4dm

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Neo4j Online Developer Summit Watch Party

ecafe Coffee House

What's more fun than participating in NODES 2019, the Neo4j Online Developer Summit? Participating in NODES 2019 with the Kansas City Graph Database Meetup! Join us at eCafe in Overland Park to watch the live stream together. Get the learning and networking you enjoy at a conference without the travel expense. https://neo4j.com/online-summit/ This is a truly global event, and the keynote kicks off at 7:00 AM Kansas City time. Fortunately, Scooter's Coffee is attached to our venue! We'll show popular sessions on the big screen, but bring your own device and headphones for breakouts. Space is limited, so please RSVP. You're welcome to come for part of the day, but let us know which part you'll be attending.

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