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Building an award-winning graph-based web application

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Building an award-winning graph-based web application


A team from Kansas City won Neo4j's Global Graph Hack in 2019. Learn how they built their winning project, a web app called Meetup Mixer that encourages networking while teaching about graph databases. See an example of GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, & Neo4j Database) and find out how OneGraph's GraphQL API made authentication with Meetup a breeze. For more details on Meetup Mixer, see the Devpost entry here.

KC Graph Databases Meetup and GraphQL KC will join forces for this event.

This will be an online event. Join the webcast at

6:00 Introductions
6:15 Presentation from Nathan Smith, Sarah Staab, Steve Petrie, and Erin Schuberth
6:50 Q&A · Kansas City, mo