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MidAtlantic IRA - Using Self-Directed IRAs To Invest in Real Estate
Whether you have idle cash or you need cash, an IRA may be a powerful tool for profit. Come to our next Strategies IRA Meeting and let David Lang show you why self-directed IRAs might be a great source of investing capital. Learn how to lend from your IRA. The interest rate you'll earn? Whatever the borrower will agree to. Could be 10%... 12%... or more! As high as state law permits. Learn how to borrow from others' IRAS. The interest rate you'll pay? As low as your lender will accept (just as long as it's at least the minimum market rate!) Would you rather borrow from someone's IRA at 10% with no points, or from a hard money lender at 14% with 4 points? The first way could mean thousands of dollars of extra money in your pocket. David will help you understand what's important to IRA lenders, too. So you can more easily educate folks on why they should lend to you. Whether you have a Self-Directed IRA're thinking about opening one... or you're just curious... come and explore these potentially powerful strategies! MidAtlantic IRA (, LLC invites you to this powerful group of networkers. Don't miss a great evening of networking. Remember we are not selling at this Meetup, no books, no boot-camps, no CD's. This is like minded individuals who want to network to build their real estate business. Your net worth is a reflection of your network. Register today.

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Real Estate Money Meetup - Kansas City

This is a real estate investor networking group for the Kansas City area and a place to meet investors who have the same interests as you. This is a structured networking event. Nothing to sell, no sales pitches, no books, no boot camps, no DVDs, no class time.

We will spend some time learning about private investment dollars, retirement plan dollars and how to find those sources. I regularly hear from investors that they want to meet other people who have similar goals and interests. At any event I attend, participants always request more networking time. So, here it is. All networking and no distractions.

It has been said many times that your net worth is a reflection of your network. By coming to this meetup, you'll learn how others network and how to improve your own. Here are a few suggestions to help create a successful Meetup.

1. Come prepared, have business cards, bring something to take notes with and rehearse your introduction.
2. Know how you can help others and how they can help you.
3. This time is not about selling deals. It is about meeting people and creating opportunities during your followup with a new connection you make at the event.
4. Have a followup plan in place.
5. Invite someone already in your network - be a go giver to become a go getter.

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