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'Kansas City Rationalists' is a hub for all those who generally align with the Bayesian Rationality movement*.


• Our events will always be safe from judgement and hostility. We will hear you out on anything you'd like to tell us about, even things you don't feel safe bringing up in mixed company.

• Our overriding value is to know true things. All claims are subject to being asked "What is your evidence for that?". We do our best to not be emotionally attached to any belief.

• Changing your mind is something to be celebrated, and we will react accordingly! But keep in mind, per norm #2, that anything you change your mind *to* is also subject to be challenged as well.
"Not all change is an improvement, but every improvement is a change."


*The Bayesian Rationality movement is the acknowledgement that we are imperfect observers and decision makers, even to the point of working against our own goals, but that this situation can be improved through the application of logic, science, and a Bayesian framework.
For more information about us, check out LessWrong.com and SlateStarCodex.com
For a basic introduction to Baye's Theorem, check out these links:



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SSC Meetup

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