Intro to Storybook: Telling Your App’s Story the Right Way with Aaron Ladage


This is an online event:

React helped bring component-driven development into the mainstream, but Storybook is the one tool that can showcase your components as they were meant to be seen, as well as accelerate their development in the process. In this talk, we’ll discuss what Storybook is, how to set it up on your React projects, explore a few useful add-ons, and show how it can be used to develop, test and present your components in isolation from your application.

This month's presenter is Aaron Ladage. Aaron is a Senior UI Engineer at DEG in Overland Park. He's been working as a developer for 15+ years, with the majority of that time specializing in front-end development. In addition to full-time and freelance development, he is also a frequent tech speaker, BBQ junkie, and has a questionably sizable Lego collection.