Gimgen - Deep Dive Into Javascript Generators with George Mauer

Kansas City React Meetup
Kansas City React Meetup
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For whatever reason, I decided to go absurdly deep with javascript generators. Really Really deep. I’ve even created my own micro-library. In this talk we walk throught he concept of generators, how it relates to asynchronous programming, co-routines, and then demo the weird, thought-provoking, and useful(?) patterns enabled by a library like gimgen.

About George Mauer:

I am a software developer, speaker, teacher, writer, and comedian with an interest in the various techniques that can make software simple, extensible, and communicative. I have worked in software consulting in all sorts of positions for over a decade. I am currently CTO at the Operation Spark code school in New Orleans. I mentor with Operation Code (unrelated), write, teach, and speak regularly on Javascript, C#, testing, interviewing, etc at conferences, usergroups, and to my cat (singular - the other one won’t listen to me).