Tech Debt Be Gone! Let's Refactor JavaScript

Kansas City React Meetup
Kansas City React Meetup
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Every 4th Wednesday of the month

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It’s been a battle, but the code is finally working. It’s time to clean it up, but not so fast, something else is on fire and the code has to be pushed as it is. Whenever there is time to refactor something else comes up. Of course, this doesn’t just happen once. A quick change here. A little hack there. Now it’s spaghetti code and everyone is terrified of opening the file and even more afraid that someone else will see it.

Refactoring can feel like an insurmountable task, but it doesn’t have to be. Participants in this talk will learn a framework for refactoring that will give them the tools to attack their technical debt head on. Afterwards, they’ll have new skills from building out predictable tests, to systematically isolating code, to creating independent functions. Don’t hide code. Transform it.

This is a repeat of my talk from KCDC. Those who attended the first one are invited to heckle.