Ansible integration with ServiceNow - Better Together! (Virtual Meeting)

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Event Day & Time: 5/11 From 11:30-1:00 CST.

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Ansible integration with ServiceNow - Better Together!

- Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform allows end-users in the enterprise organization to deploy on-demand workloads and perform common automated tasks in a safe, scalable manner. Additionally, module support and RESTful API allows the same users to interact with a familiar interface while launching automated Ansible tasks in the background. One of the most ubiquitous self-service platforms in use today is ServiceNow, and many conversations with Ansible Automation Platform customers focus on ServiceNow integration. In this session, we’ll showcase the ServiceNow and Ansible Automation Platform integration that provides self-service IT scaling for everyone. You’ll see how ServiceNow can be used to kick off a complex cloud deployment with Ansible, and how Ansible can manage the life cycle of ServiceNow artifacts.

What you'll learn:

1.) How ServiceNow can be integrated to be the front-end for self-service automation
2.) How Ansible Tower can take advantage of ServiceNow's automation gating (change request approvals)
3.) How Ansible can both provision and manage cloud infrastructure

Please make plans to join us virtually for peer-networking, and engaging presentation with demonstration!

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