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Actors and Actresses, Models, Dancers, Singers, Film Makers and Writers. Are you tired of searching for local acting gigs and/or modeling work but not having much luck? Nearly ALL Talent hired for movies, commercials, runway modeling events, etc hold auditions so that they can have multiple talent options (talent pool) to choose from.

Sometimes these auditions are "open" meaning anyone who finds out about the auditions is welcome to audition. Most of the time however, these auditions are "closed" meaning you must have been invited to be able to audition.

A closed audition is what you want if you want to make money. When you get paid for your talent you are then considered a "Professional".

Unless your best friends with Will Smith or The Rock or some other Hollywood Star, your not going to get into these closed auditions without an Agent / Agency promoting you to the people holding those closed auditions. Well, we can get some of you into these closed auditions for you to display your talent and get paid for it if you get selected.

Maybe you want to see if your even ready to get a local acting or modeling gig?
Maybe you want to be an extra in a movie or have a role in a TV commercial for a local KC business?

We have deals setup with a number of local businesses like tanning salons, clothing stores and restaurants etc that trust us enough to hire whoever we say will be the best choice for there project.

If we do not know who you are and/or you have never auditioned for us, then you will continue missing out on these jobs as well.

So whether you are a professional Actor, Actress, Model or a Brand New Amateur and just wanting to get started in the industry, we want to meet you.

So let's recap...

Do you want to be in a local commercial or even star in a slasher movie filmed right here in Kansas City for the film festival held each year?

We got ya covered.

Want to model for local tanning salons and clothing stores in commercial print ads and magazines mailed out All over the city and seen by Thousands and Thousands of people?

We got ya covered.

Want to get paid for doing these types of jobs and be considered an industry professional?

We got ya covered.

So join our new group here on MeetUp.com today and have your first professional audition by tomorrow.

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