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This group is for anyone seeking to learn about game design, developing games and applications using game technology, or starting and growing and career in the games industry. We host a range of events from game jams to industry speakers to showcase/demo nights to game development tutorials to one on one mentoring. We discuss the creative, technical, and business aspects of game development with emphasis on building and applying your skills in developing games and applications using game engines.

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Participants get to:
- Meet leading Kansas City game developers
- Get advice on their game ideas or business proposals
- Get exposure to technical tools and trends in game development
- Learn prototyping and problem solving skills
- Engage with like-minded community of peers
- Learn about breaking into the game industry

Twitter: @KCUnrealDevs (https://twitter.com/KCUnrealDevs)
Discord: http://discord.gg/Dnk9YvZ
Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Kansas-City-Unreal-Engine-Developers-UG

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May KC Unreal Devs (Virtual) Meetup

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https://communities.unrealengine.com/events/details/epic-games-kansas-city-unreal-engine-developers-ug-presents-may-kc-unreal-devs-virtual-meetup/ This month join us a Virtually to discuss the latest and greatest in Unreal Engine 4/5. We'll be discussing: UE5's awesomeness! Upcoming industry events and an Unreal Engine 4 demo on Quixel & Landscape Generation Everyone from hobbiest and students to professional developers are welcome and encouraged to attend. Additionally, businesses and industries seeking to explore the capabilities of real-time game engine technology are welcome and encouraged to attend as well. Agenda 6:00 PM: Welcome 6:30 PM: Quixel & Landscapes Tech Demo In this webinar, I'll show you how to create a photorealistic nature environment in UE 4.25 using procedural tools and photogrammetry assets from Quixel. I'll share a template project before the event if you would like to follow along. We'll start by creating a landscape with a dynamic material, set up Quixel Bridge for quick and easy importing, populate the scene with photogrammetry assets, and incorporate a procedural foliage volume to automatically place foliage assets. 7:30 PM: Virtual Hangout --- Hosted By Ryan Manning, Unreal Community Leader Over the past 15+ years I've spent my life learning, leading, educating and directing multiple facets of game development, content creation, and business development. As a life-long artist, my passion is to create, enrich, and build compelling stories using game technology as my medium. Steve Biegun, Unreal Community Leader I am Lead Creative Technologist at Dimensional Innovations, an experience design firm in Kansas City. I lead our team's Unreal Engine development for interactive installations and VR/AR projects. Prior to joining DI, I specialized in architectural visualization and healthcare application development. --- https://communities.unrealengine.com/events/details/epic-games-kansas-city-unreal-engine-developers-ug-presents-may-kc-unreal-devs-virtual-meetup/

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February KC Unreal Devs Meetup

Dimensional Innovations

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