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What we’re about

This group is for anyone with a job, passion or business that uses (or wants to use) Digital/Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or other marketing analytics platforms.  The meetings will focus on discussion and learning for practical application. 

Who Should Join: Digital Marketers, Web Developers, Product/Brand Managers, Business Owners, Bloggers (to list just a few) and anyone else who wants to understand and benefit from the increasing amount of valuable web analytics and marketing data capable of being analyzed.

Types of Analytics & Metrics We Discuss: There are hundreds of tools available.  This Meetup will focus on tools from the Google (e.g., Google Analytics, AdWords, GTM) and Adobe (e.g., Adobe Analytics, Launch, Audience Manager) platforms.  From time to time, we will explore other tools (e.g., Lucky Orange) and concepts (e.g., how to deploy a website survey).   We will also cover typical report dimensions (e.g., page, marketing channel, source/medium, product name), metrics (e.g., users, sessions, pageviews, transactions, revenue, goal completions), enhanced ecommerce, email marketing, podcasting, mobile applications, social media, business intelligence tools, ppc campaign data, search console, retargeting campaigns and other digital analytics concepts.

About the Meetings: Our goal with each meeting is to deliver actionable knowledge involving one or more of the following areas: setup, capture, management, interpretation or application of web analytics, metrics data and/or traditional marketing data.

What Members Can Expect Out Of The Group: The group is designed to bring a variety of business analytics users (see "Who Should Join" above) into the same room so we can share information and learn how to become better marketers, managers, sales and web professionals.

Meeting Structure: Some events may be instructional, round-table, or case study. We encourage the attendees to bring laptops, pads or phones in order to follow along with the meeting content or demonstration.

Suggest A Meeting Topic: We are always looking for great meeting topic ideas. Topic ideas can be technical, or business application related. Topics can be newbie or advanced. If you have a question that needs to be answered it might also make a great session topic. We want these events to be user-lead discussions that deliver actionable knowledge to the group’s participants. So tell us what you would like to cover and we'll get working on answering those questions in a learning/workshop environment.

Contact Us: Send your questions or topic ideas in an email to and