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Building Out Your Kafka Developer CDC Ecosystem

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Hello Kafkateers!

September 15th marks Confluent’s six-year birthday! To commemorate the occasion, we will have several virtual events planned throughout the day and this is one!

This meetup will be held virtually as we continue to do our part to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19. Please find the details to join this fun and informative meetup below.

Find information about upcoming meetups and tons of content from past Kafka Meetups all over the world:
5:00pm-5:10pm: Online Networking (feel free to BYOB!!)

5:10pm-6:00pm: Building Out Your Kafka Developer CDC Ecosystem, Neil Buesing, VP of Streaming Technologies for Object Partners (OPI)

6:00pm-6:15pm: Q&A

Joining our slack space is not instant, so ensure that you are in, in time for the event, follow the steps within this link before the day of the event if you can!
Neil Buesing, VP of Streaming Technologies for Object Partners (OPI)

Title of Talk:
Building Out Your Kafka Developer CDC Ecosystem

Are you interested in exploring Kafka and Change Data Capture? Let's walk through setting up a Dockerized Kafka Cluster with Change Data Capture so you can explore it on your own.

This setup will leverage Confluent's Docker Images, multiple databases, connectors, ksqlDB, and more. In addition to exploring this setup, Kafka Connect Simple Message Transformation and ksqlDB user-defined functions will also be explored.

Exploring CDC leveraging everything running locally on your machine can liberate your exploration; no worries about truncating a table and impacting anyone but yourself.

• Running Kafka with Change Data Capture in a self-contained environment.
• Building a Simple Message Transformation
• Building a ksqlDB User Defined Function
• Setting up a Connector for
• JDBC Source & Sink Connectors
• Debezium's MySQL Change Data Capture
• Oracle w/LogMiner and Erdemcer's Opensource "Kafka Connect Oracle" connector

Neil Buesing is the VP of Streaming Technologies for Object Partners (OPI). His focus is on real-time streaming technologies, primarily Apache Kafka, and was a Kafka Summit presenter at Kafka Summit 2020 speaking on "Synchronous Commands over Apache Kafka". He is a member of the Confluent Community Catalyst Class of 2020-21.

Online Meetup Etiquette:
•Please unmute yourself when you have a question.
•Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation or use the zoomchat!
•Please arrive on time as zoom meetings can become locked for many reasons (though if you get locked out a recording will be available, but you may have to wait a little while for it!)

If you would like to speak or host our next event please let us know!
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