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You like to sing, and you wish could do it more. You want to sing, and want a supportive environment to give it a try. You’ve always wanted to try karaoke. That wedding, party, business event, or trip to Asia is coming up and you need to get up there and sing one. But you say, “My voice stinks! I can’t sing! I can’t get up in front of a group and do that!” In Nigeria they say, “If you can talk, you can sing.” Karaoke is not about being Sinatra, Streisand, Springsteen, or Stefani. Karaoke is about letting go and enjoying expressing yourself. Karaoke-Do™ (“‘empty orchestra’-Way”) is a path to enlightenment and growth, with no complicated body positions. Join Founding Grand Master Shihan Scott A. for the practice and insight (inspired by Carolyn Sloan's "Finding Your Voice") that will get you to take the mike. We aspire to the values of metta (fellowship) and mudita (joy in another's success). Have fun as you: • Learn to use your breath the right way. • Find, exercise, and use your voice. Yes, even yours. • Pick a song to sing. • Become one with the music and the applause! The only pre-requisite is a desire to sing. Every session is the “first session”. We meet in a private karaoke room, so your first performances are in front of a small, like-minded group. About Founding Grand Master Shihan Scott A.: • Master of Education from Harvard (and he has the ring to prove it.) • Sang 8 years with a prominent Boston chorus. • Appeared with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under Zubin Mehta. • Sang with opera legends Robert Merrill and Jan Peerce, and rock pianist Jef Labes ("Moondance"). • Spiritual leader. • Ordained Minister, Church of Spiritual Humanism. • Student of karate-do, tai chi chu’an, and Kabbalah. • Karaoke devotee since 1993. • Has sung karaoke from California to Kuala Lumpur (traveling east). • Taught computer consciousness as a software trainer. • Non-judgmental, supportive, encouraging. To pre-register, or if you have questions, contact Founding Grand Master Shihan Scott A. at Step1Ventures@GMail.com. Sessions can be arranged for private groups and corporate events. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you! Karaoke-Do: Personal Growth through Public Exposure™ is a trademark of Step 1 Ventures.

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