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What we’re about

This is a group and community for fellow Flutter developers, tech enthusiasts and everyone else interested in exploring new technologies.
With Flutter, you can build native iOS- and Android-apps using a single codebase.
This group is a perfect match for you, if…:
- You want to start building something new with Flutter.
- You’re already using Flutter and want to explore it in-depth.
- You are familiar with other technologies (such as React Native, hybrid apps based on Cordova, Ionic etc.) and want to explore a new way of building for iOS and Android.
We’ll be setting up meetups to…:
- Learn from Flutter developers and practitioners and share our experiences with Flutter.
- Get together a community of Flutter enthusiasts from Karlsruhe (and beyond!).
- Jointly watch exciting Flutter announcements.
So, join in the fun! We're looking forward to your contribution and participation and can’t wait to get to know you!
You want to contribute to the Flutter community or give a talk? Simply reach out to one of the organizer’s via Email/Twitter/Linkedin etc., and we’re happy to discuss your ideas. :-)
Disclaimer: We're not officially affiliated with Google and/or Flutter. Just some Flutter enthusiasts who want to share their excitement about this technology.