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Hello players! Thanks to the generosity of RESOBOX, we have a space to gather for our first ever NYC Karuta meetup! I envision the meetup looking something like this: 4:00: Members trickle in. Chance to mingle. 4:15: Introduce group and the game of Karuta 4:30: Introduce 1-syllable poems and chirashidori 5:15: Live demonstration of the game 5:30: Oyako-garuta 5:50: Q/A, feedback; Clean up the space Participation fee: $15* (*If you have any concerns regarding the price, feel free to reach out to the organizer.) Things to bring (optional): -If you have cards please bring them (I suggest labeling the back in sharpie) -Knee pads recommended (we will have some cushions as well) -Clothes you can move freely in Checking if outside food and drink is allowed in the space. If people would like, we can get dinner or drinks afterwards. We're very close to St. Marks! I can't wait to meet everyone there! ~Henry

RESOBOX East Village

91 E 3rd St · New York, ny


    What we're about

    We're looking for anyone who's interested in learning to play Kyogi Karuta!
    Karuta is a traditional card game that takes 100 designated poems from the Heian era (794-1185 AD) and makes a 1v1 game similar to the card game "Speed."
    If you can read Hiragana you can play, and if you can't read we will teach you!
    Check out these clips and see what you think!

    (Video about Karuta and a French player)
    ("Chihayafuru" PV)

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