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People interested in playing D&D of any version, on a weekly or semi weekly basis in the Katy area (or are willing to drive). (Unextreme's description)

We have games that we are actively running and it would be wonderful to have you join us. We have a variety of games that are predominantly D&D/pathfinder ish. We love to have new members join us. If you have a game that you want to post for people to join you let us know and we will get you on the calendar for people to see. We enjoy gaming and want everyone to find a game that makes them happy too. Currently our games are running on Roll 20 so you can be anywhere to play with us but usually we have games located in Katy or the West Side. Feel free to message Unextreme if you have any questions. If you don't get a response message glimmer and she will give him a nudge. Happy gaming! (Glimmer's description)

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Post Apocalyptic Savage Worlds

Needs a location

Stop time is approximate but we are usually pretty close to that.

The campaign is just kicking off with the first session Jan 3rd and have 7 advances [2022 JAN 5]. We are starting out at Hot Springs somewhere around 2050. Core savage worlds adventure edition.

Currently a low-fantasy mad max style game.

Currently game is a mix of in-person and online via webex/google hangouts though pre-COVID it was all in-person. Flexible though on if we continue the online post-COVID. Actual game location is near 290W and bingle (NW Houston)

We have room at the table for more players.

This is a very low-key game, laid back and low pressure with relaxed rules.

Despite the number of RSVPs here, most players are not members of meetup. We have 3 players at minimum that make nearly all games, and one additional player who is irregular.


Link visible for attendees

This ONLINE game tends to change game systems and GMs periodically (not on a schedule, just when the GM is ready to play or people want a change).

Next session will likely be microlite20 or a variant thereof.

The game is always remote/online and often uses Foundry but sometimes it's more theater-of-the-mind.

voice is over webex at

Despite the number of RSVPs here, most players are not members of meetup. We have 6 players that make nearly all games.

I do not check meetup super often so if you message on game day I am unlikely to see it in time to play that night, but I will see it eventually and connect you with the current GM who can get you info on character creation, and the foundry VTT address we are using if any.

Savage Shadowlands (Savage Worlds)

Location visible to members

This is a traditional fantasy campaign set in a custom world using savage worlds rules. First session is scheduled for 2020 SEP 18.
As of 2022 JULY the group has 9 advances.

The group is a morally ambiguous group of mercenaries something like the black company novels.

House Rules document can be found here;

We play on Alt Fridays using Foundry at either of

Some people play remote, some play in-person.

Despite the number of RSVPs here, most players are not members of meetup. We have 9 total players and most of them make most of the games.

This also means the group is fairly full so we are not actively recruiting at this time though if you're really enthusiastic about savage pathfinder ping me.

Play Pathfinder - Kingmaker

Location visible to members

The group has 4 core players who show up consistently and several who are more "casual". We are currently about to start book 5 of an adventure path (Kingmaker) for pathfinder, level 13. The core rules are pathfinder though 3.5 material is also allowed. Core Paizo material is in play.

The party is good'ish.
This game repeats every OTHER Sat.
Specific address available upon RSVP (message me).

Despite the number of RSVPs here, most players are not members of meetup. We have 4 players that make nearly all games and another 2 that are a little less consistent.

This campaign is fairly well along at 13th level and between the adventure path and house rules it's not the ideal group to jump into if you're not familiar with pathfinder or D&D 3.5. We are open to new players though if you want to give it a hand.

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