What we're about

Anyone who enjoys kayaking, canoeing, or SUPing, or would like to try it out. I believe there are a lot of beginners in this group, so we'll try to do as many beginner friendly trips as possible, and I'll always try to find/suggest boat rental ideas for those without boats. But, we'll definitely organize some trips for those with more experience, and we'll try to make it clear what experience or fitness level and boat type is best for each trip. Some of our trips may be in calm conditions, but may be long enough, or windy enough, to be very difficult in very short boats or most inflatables. Others will be great for just about anyone in most kayaks/canoes/SUPs. I'm also open to any ideas you have, so please offer suggestions. By the way, I'll always try to post any local paddling events on my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nolapaddlesports/

All events hosted through this group are done so by individuals who who are volunteering their free time to try to get people paddling together. Please respect the guidelines described in each event with regards to experience levels, appropriate boat length or type, anticipated pace, etc. Joining a meetup that is beyond your boat's intended use, or your capabilities simply makes the event less safe or pleasant, or could make the trip take more time than the organizer has available. We welcome other experienced paddlers to get involved in hosting or co-hosting these meetups.

Also, please check the meetup message boards for last minute updates. Obviously, weather has to be monitored and can cause changes to plans.

See you on the water!

Past events (15)

Jourdan River Paddle

McLeod Park

Bayou Boogaloo Boat Race

3400 Dumaine St

8 Mile Paddle on the Blind River

West Airline Highway

Bogue Homa - easy 4 - 6 mile paddle

Logtown boatramp

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