Nokomis, FL

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Feb 28, 2011


I love kayaking, birding, walking & gardening...and my dog...or just sitting on the deck, enjoying the birds and watching weeds grow in my garden. I volunteer at Wild Care (wildlife rehabilitation). Would really like to paddle twice a week.

Describe your kayaking experience. Paddles are 7 - 8 miles long. Please confirm that you are a strong paddler who has a great deal of experience kayaking. Our paddles try to provide aerobic exercise, so we paddle at a good clip and do not stop

I can paddle 8 miles (when current and wind are not against me), but I'll be happy with less. I prefer to paddle 2 hours. I practice once a year flipping and getting back into my boat using a paddle float & a strap with a "step" I started kayaking many years ago and kayak twice a week, all year round.

We only stop once during a paddle, at the mid-point of the paddle, so you need to be able to and want to paddle 3 - 4 miles at a good clip, without taking a break. Please confirm that that is what you can do.

I can.

You must read the Accident Waiver of Liability that is on the Home Page to join for kayaking. You must answer "I have read the Waiver of Liability and agree with it" or you can not be accepted. Thanks.

I read it and I agree

If you are a "no show" twice, you will be automatically dropped from the group. You must apply as an individual. There are never any guests on paddles. You must be able to get back into your boat if you capsize.

Each October, I schedule a class in Florida for my other group, in which we practice the T-recovery and also re-entering our boats unassisted.

Please join us just to walk with us and answer NA to above "questions". Guests are always welcome on walks (not on paddles). All walks are in dog-friendly locations. Please comment if you are bringing a dog on the walks. Thanks.

Jack, my German Shepherd, will be on all of our walks.