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This group started out centered around World's End in Hingham. It's since been expanded to the general Boston Harbor area, including Boston, Cambridge, the harbor islands, Quincy, Hingham and Hull.

There are alot of kayaking groups in New England, but not many that focus on the Boston region in particular. For me, I like to spend a lot of time in the waters of these areas, since they are local to me. As it just so happens, this region as a whole makes up one of the best paddling destinations one could ever hope to find.

The variety found around here is extraordinary. Obviously there are lots of urban settings. Add to that Boston Harbor, Quincy Bay, Hingham Bay and World's End ... not to mention the many picturesque islands and lighthouses ... and you truly have a world-class area in which to paddle.

So I'd like to see this group consist of a plethora of Boston-area excursions. Frankly, I'm gunna be in the water around there half the time anyway, so might as well do it with friends, old and new!

Also, I've found alot of groups that seem to have far too few events at will encompass beginners. Sure, people who are farther along in things want to have a challenge, but I don't like to see people left out. We all were beginners once, and I like to remember that.

So if you're an experienced kayaker who hopes to share some paddling time with others, or if you're someone just looking at getting started, I want this group to be something fun for you. If it's not ... send me an email, yell at me about it, and I'll see to it straight away.


Cheers, and happy paddling!

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Cape Cod Bay
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This is purely an event set up for the planning of the proposed Cape Cod Bay crossing. Dates are yet to be set in stone, and can/will fluctuate based on weather conditions and the tide table. If you are curious about/interested in this event, please contact me directly in order to RSVP. Thanks! ~Nate

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Newbury Kayak and Canoe

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