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Kayak And Camp In River Shambhavi
• What we'll do This is the most fun trip to take on a kayak. Start kayaking near the end of the river, paddle whole day and camp near the river at night. Return back the next day to the place we started. On this trip, we will paddle the kayak from the Arabian Sea to the start of western ghats. We will start the trip at Kolchi Kambla, Mulki. The trip will end at palimar dam. After reaching the Palimar dam we will anchor our kayak and walk to the other side of the dam. Salty Seawater from the Arabian sea goes all the way till Palimar dam. Once we cross the dam, the water comes directly from the western ghats(Kudremukh). After the dam, the river clear and fresh. It's breathtaking to swim and dive into the beautiful landscape. You won't believe this beauty is such a well-kept secret. On Day 1, we will kayak whole day around 6-9 hours from morning 7 AM to 6 PM. After starting from Mulki, we will stop after the Kochi-Panvel highway bridge for snacks and refreshment break. We will also take small water breaks in between. After paddling all the way to the campsite, ee will have home-cooked lunch at the campsite. Post lunch, we will take 1-hour cat-nap break. After taking much-needed rest at the campsite we will start again and kayak to the palimar dam. Palimar dam has a great diving spot and swimming area. After sunset, we will paddle back to the campsite within 6 pm. At night we will camp, do barbecue, eat home-cooked dinner, do camp-fire, play music. Next morning we will wake up at 5:00 AM. We will have home cooked breakfast at the campsite and leave for Mulki by 6:00 AM. We goto a private sea beach by 9:30 AM. Play in the water and come back to the starting point. Most groups are able to reach back by 12 noon. • What to bring Comfortable waterproof footwear(flip-flops are best) Full length Track pant/cargo Full sleeves tshirt to save your body from getting tanned & sunburn(good to have) Torch (optional) Any medicines (if taking any) Sunglasses(optional, good to have) Sunscreen to protect from sunburn(optional) Towel Odomos Cap ( if you have, or you can also borrow from me) A plastic bag to keep your wet clothes ... Pack light! • Important to know More Info -->


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