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Dance International

2417 Buell Ave, Ste A · Austin, TX

How to find us

We are next to Gordon Automotive and behind Dairy Queen and labeled Fitness Studio

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Fatima’s BlissYoga Dance is a unique Indigenous Movement Meditation that heals the feminine and reawakens the true essence of who you are… a Goddess! We work on releasing negative emotions and mental trauma such as anger, worry, grief, and depression and then cultivating and nourishing your feminine energies of love, joy, peace and creativity. This dance will have individuals feeling free, empowered, confident, self-love, joyful, creative and blissful.

Unlike other forms of dance, there is no technique involved; you are simply dancing from your core, sensual and creative space. This dance is a fusion of Yoga, meditation, and feminine cultural dance styles such as Congolese, Belly, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian dance. The “snake-like” circular movements are non-vigorous but will get your heart racing from all the internal organs moving and energies circulating throughout the body.

Through movement, meditation and aromatherapy you're bound to circulate stored, blocked negative energies through-out the body that have laid dormant, and awaken your feminine essence that exists in all of us. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so let's Celebrate it! Join us on creating and enjoying this blissful journey of life!

BlissYoga Dance consists of a four (4) part series with a focus of a different topic each workshop. All 4 workshops are an hour and a half long and includes the following:
a. Ice Breaker

b. Floor warm-up

c. Meditation

d. Dance of Liberation

e. Featured Goddess movements.

f. Bantaba
i. Circle up and each person dances into the circle of energy
ii. Hand held instruments to play are welcomed

g. Cool Down – Affirmation

What items do you need for the program?

a. Comfortable attire that makes you feel like a Goddess, a Queen.
i. Preferably cotton material
ii. If wearing a skirt or dress have spandex underneath
iii. Preferable colors: pink, green, yellow, turquoise, and gold

b. Yoga Mat (Optional as I will have one for you)

c. Purified water for drinking

d. A writing journal for documenting any insights that may come to you during the program

Cost: $15/class or less. See for discounts.

Parking: Plenty of safe parking up and down the street!

Other info: Dance International is a 501_c3 Non-profit. If you are interested in working with us, email us at [masked]