What we're about

Do you care about the environment in North Austin and wish you could do something about it? Then Keep Walnut Creek Wild might be the meetup group for you! We will get out in the greenbelts and parks, replace plants that don't belong here with plants that do, and restore habitats to more nearly natural conditions. Our work will make the water in our creeks cleaner, help our streams flow longer into a drought, and let us enjoy nature when we hike, bike, or play along the creek. Putting our heads together, we will find the resources we need to make this happen. And we will work with any nonprofit, neighborhood association, or meetup group that wants to play a part. Then we'll export what we've learned to other watersheds, so wherever we go we can enjoy Austin as a natural part of Central Texas, not a prefabricated chunk of suburbia.

Past events (223)

Spread Mulch at the Alderbrook Pollinator Garden

Alderbrook Pocket Park

Join the Celebration: Grand Opening of the Northern Walnut Creek Trail

WCMP Trailhead, Northern Walnut Creek Trail

It’s My Park Day! (and we’re protecting a heritage oak)

Walnut Creek Park - Pool Parking Lot

Using Cedar Logs, Protect a Heritage Live Oak

Walnut Creek Park - Pool Parking Lot