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What we’re about

Meet other local non-professional musicians who play acoustic instruments (or just want to listen) to share songs in a friendly, and supportive atmosphere. Friends and families of non-professional players are welcome. Experience the synergy of having numerous musicians sharing their songs, stories and talents .

Our Purpose:
· To get your instrument out of the house and share music with others
· To learn from others
· To build community
· To enjoy

How it’s done:
· Song Circle Format – Take turns leading songs
· Jam on songs – or play solo.
· All types of acoustic music are welcome.
· All skill levels are welcome. 
· It’s for sharing and learning, not a competition.

Jamming on songs:
·   Announce the song, the key, the chords, etc.
·   Hand out chord charts if you wish.
·  Respect the song leader….don’t hijack the song!
·  Respect the song leader’s tempo, volume, etc.

Play solo
·  Just announce your intent to play any given song as a solo performance.

Build community
·  Share brief stories about your songs.
·  Tell others about the group.
·  Share comments on the website after meetings.
·  Enjoy – That’s up to you!

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