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NO DROP RIDES; For aged 50+ ers who are keen on cycling AND have an Alumni (i.e. university experience) somewhere in their back pocket, who want a Group Bike Ride free of social politics.

What this group is about is getting some decent cardio on safe streets and trails, and enjoying each others company. Stopping at a coffee shop after a ride for the latest beverage, is a great way to end the ride and get to know one another. Although the focus is on fitness, this group has a strong social component to it.

No conspiracy theorists or vegans, or church goers. I don't want a conversation where i have to defend why there are no skyscrapers on the moon (yes, that was a real question once upon a time). No school yard politics. I have realized that those have attended university, are free of conspiracy theories. school yard bully tactics and well as gossiping.

It's for 50+ males and females, because WE HAVE INJURIES OR MALADIES that force us to keep a more moderated pace...so, while we're not the slowest tire in the bike lane, we're not the fastest either-nor do we CARE to be lol. I want an accepting and understanding group.

I am aiming for a decent bike ride each Sunday morning in the warmer months. We can have monthly potlucks in my backyard or creek-side cabana, or others may wish to host.

I can even set up 'bike care', 'self care on bikes', 'biking nutrition' workshops if there is interest.

All members must commit to wearing properly fitting helmets, carrying tire repair supplies, have a bike lite, bell recommended. Members must commit to following safe biking rules and stick to the group.

Each outing will have a LEAD AND SWEEP.

Dues are $10 per person, payable upon joining which gives you a calendar year worth of action!

This group is not currently affiliated with any business or organization.

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