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This meetup notice is really a place to join this page, without committing to particular events. I will be announcing information on coaching, professional development, Self Care for Professional workshops, Mindfulness training and retreats. Please join this meetup event and learn more about upcoming events and activity as I get settled into living and working in the Kelowna and Okanagan area

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This group will be for personal and professional development events and activities facilitated by Sharon e. Davison. Mindful Living is a course that informs and works with Mindfulness and Awareness based practices for Stress Reduction and increased Well-being. It is offered in a 6 week or 8 week format. Mindfulness for your Well-Being is a 4 week workshop that is for people who are interested in Mindfulness and applying it to their day-to day life and work, but are not looking for a stress reduction focus, although that is a benefit. Additional facilitated learning opportunities will be ongoing, with a one Facilitation Workshop Skills Training called 5 Effective Ways to Engage Participants and Energize Training and a workshop called Learn to Live on HIgher Ground -Self care for Professionals. In addition, 5 day Facilitation Workshop Skills Training and Career and Employment Coach training will happen in BC with certification from the University of Winnipeg. (CECC includes 4 - 2 day components for the certification) Sharon will offer additional presentations, lunch and learns, workshops, retreats and trainings in 2016. Note: Sharon offers 3 kinds of Coaching to Individuals. Mindful Coaching Whether to learn mindfulness and mindfulness meditation one-on-one for Stress Reduction or to develop more awareness for supporting well-being, Sharon works with individuals to get from where they are to where they want to be in developing insight and establishing an awareness practice. Purposeful Coaching The only thing we know for sure is that life changes. Purposeful coaching is appropriate for recognizing life purpose, understanding values, setting and meeting goals, or for navigating through times of change, including career change and job searching. Money Coaching A money coach works with individuals to increase awareness of unconscious money patterns, to make new conscious money choices and to develop a healthy relationship with money. This can benefit anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of money flow in their lives or businesses, and/or anyone experiencing dissatisfaction with their current relationship with money. Financial planners and advisors work on your bank account or your business, but don’t touch the core underlying beliefs and patterns you have about money. Money Coaching goes to the depth, and works from the foundation up. Change how you think and feel about money and remove the obstacles that prevent money from flowing into your life. Increase your peace of mind through creating a balanced life – personally and financially.

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