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Have you had a spiritual experience?

Meet other people who have had one too.

Haven't had a spiritual experience, but would like to?
Join our forum of spiritual discussions to find out how.

Just about everyone has a story to share or a question to ask about spiritual experiences. Perhaps it is an insight that you found through your personal study of life and spirituality.

Whatever your background, come to share your stories, experiences, and insights in a warm, friendly environment. Our goal is to listen, validate, and share universal tools that can enhance anyone's spirituality. We are here to help each person find their own relationship with the Divine.

We discuss out-of-body experiences, the spiritual nature of dreams, déjà vu, near-death experiences, seeing an inner light, hearing an inner sound, spiritual exercises, having a knowingness/sense that you have lived before, karma, reincarnation and different states of consciousness.

Are these experiences real? What do they mean? How can a person have more experiences of the Divine?

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Life After Death: What Happens When We Die?

Rotary Centre for the Arts

Life After Death: What Happens When We Die? At this Meetup we’ll be discussing everyone’s perspectives on seeing heaven before you die, near-death experiences, the journey of Soul, meeting with departed loved ones, help from spiritual guides, and anything that attendees would like to explore with the group. “Death is a doorway, a transition into the inner worlds.” Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Life After Death, p.8 The public is invited to this free event.

Making the Best Use of Our Time on Earth

Rotary Centre for the Arts

The best investment I ever made was in my journey to Spiritual Freedom. This spiritual education has involved so many souls I could never count or remember them all. Everyday I use the precious tools I have learned to keep myself spiritually free so I can be of use to my fellow beings. I just had to be open to learning and be prepared to not be hard on others or myself during the process. This ECK Light and Sound Service event will include a short intro about the topic as well as small discussion circles, music and the sharing of a spiritual tool you can try to help get the most from your daily experiences. The public is welcome to join us for an hour and be a part of this adventure opportunity for spiritual understanding.

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Leading Your life With Love

Rotary Centre for the Arts

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