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New Year! New YOU!
If losing weight is your 2019 New Year’s resolution, we hope you’ll join us for a light meal and some samples of amazing Sisel products. Get healthy, lose weight and get the toxins out of your life for good! I've found that with a few natural supplements the weight loss process can be easy and attainable. Results speak louder than words! Come see for yourself! This event is free. It will be possible for you to order Sisel products, if you are interested. NO Pressure! Please RSVP including your telephone number, just in case the weather doesn't cooperate and we have to cancel last-minute. After all, this is Maine :-)

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36 Tidewater Landing · Wells, me

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    What we're about

    Did you know that diet and exercise alone is not enough for a long and healthy life?

    I'm starting this group to share what I've learned. After all, there's no use being a baby boomer living a long and healthy life if I'm going to be alone! LOL
    Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to reverse the effects of aging? Would you like to have endless energy? Would you like to support any ailments you might have NATURALLY without using synthetic formulas with a list of side-effects? What I have to share will assist with the quality of your life, your energy levels, and even your pain levels (if you have any). There is good news for your Golden Years to be enjoyed as an active adult living life to it's fullest! But this group is not just for baby-boomers.
    It's never too early to reverse the damage done by the toxic world we live in. All are welcome! I'll even have samples of some very special products for you to taste.
    This is NOT Hocus Pocus.....this is SCIENCE!
    I hope you will come and bring a friend and check out what you've been missing!

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