What we're about

Purpose: The group mission to preserve computing history through hardware restoration, software archiving, documentation and education.

Who is invited - Anyone with an interest in computer history.

What will we do?
1. Regularly-scheduled workshops to test, restore and operate vintage computers. Anything from the late 1950s through to the early 90's is on topic for this group. Each month we will pick a general theme based on group consensus. Bring your computer, set up a table and tools, and let's get it running! We will also trade/swap parts and software. I have been running similar workshops since 2007 and they are a great way for persons new to the hobby to learn new skills and for experienced members to share their knowledge.

2. Build exhibits and run a yearly computer history event in Kennett Square to share with the community our work and to educate the community about the important of preserving our computing history.

Past events (6)

2021 Planning Meeting

Online event

Special Hours 11-7PM Open House and Demos

Online event

1st Annual Kennett Classic

126 S Union St

Loading BASIC on the Altair 8800 Demo

126 S Union St

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