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Kent Plus is Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas based group for people that just don’t want to sit at home but go out and meet people, and is a great way of making new friends. We are a friendly social and activity group that meets up on a regular basis to attend events that members host. Anyone can organise or suggest an event. The group is very democratically run. We are a welcoming, caring and friendly bunch and always make new members feel very welcome and at home with us. Lots of good and lasting friendships have been made through the group over the years.


We have events in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and surrounding areas of Kent and Sussex. We have been established as Social and Activity Group since 1998. Originally set up for 30-65 but we’re not agesist

Once a month we schedule a meal and programme events for the following month and we invite as many to attend as possible so we can achieve a varied programme. These can be anything from :-

• Pub Quizzes and Drink Socials

• Meals Out in Local Restaurants

• Cinema Nights or Cinema Club

• Live Music, Karoke, Disco

• Ten Pin Bowling, Crazy Golf

• Come Dine with Me and Dinner Parties

• Murder Mystery Nights

• Theatre, shows, Comedy club

• Music Festivals and Gigs

• BBQ’s and house parties

• Walks and days out

• Steam trip outings and days to the coast

• Weekends away

• Plus many more

New ideas are always welcome. This is a group for meeting new friends and NOT a dating site. Singles and couples are welcome.


We have two types of membership. New joiners will automatically become “ Pay as You Go “ members where you pay a £1 meetup fee each time you attend an event. “ Pay and Go” members will not be entitled to the extra benefits that full members receive.

If you find that you come to a number of events, we would recommend you then upgrade to a “Full membership,” as this is far more economical to regular attendees. To upgrade to a Full Membership there is a one off annual payment. Once upgraded to a Full Membership it allows you to attend unlimited events, and you do not have to pay anymore £1 meet up fees whilst a Full Member. Full Membership also entitles you to a subsidy on our Christmas Meal event. In addition, Full Members also receive the monthly official Kent Plus programme by email. This includes all the Kent Plus events plus may sometimes have events that are NOT on the meet up site as they are only open for Full Members to attend eg some house events, some days out and some weekends away. Plus the 5 month attendence rule does not apply.

In addition Full Members are also entitled to attend events at any other Plus group or National Plus event and are also covered by our public liability insurance policy on any event they attend.

Full Membership runs annually from the moment you take it out. Full annual membership costs £20 per annum. Once it comes to your renewal date you can either renew or revert to a “Pay and Go” Member.

Ideally we would like the group to consist of relatively active members. “Pay and Go“ members will need to attend at least one event every 5 months to remain in the group. ( We will let you know one month beforehand if you risk losing your membership for non attendence, so that you can RSVP to an event to maintain your membership) . If your membership expires you are welcome to join the group at a later date.

Plus - Non - profit Organisation

All monies collected are for group expenses and not for profit.

Although Kent Plus is a small local group it is also part of a much bigger non- profit organisation which has 24 groups nationwide, and having a full membership of one group gives you membership of all the other 23 groups around the country so you can therefore access a larger network and make many more friends by taking part in the national activities across the country.

People like us party like us. Live life to the Plus. We look forward to seeing you soon and reinvigorating your social life and helping you to make new friends!

* Photo Policy

All members for safety reasons must upload a photo of proper likeness to themselve. No children, animals, cartoon characters, sketches etc will be accepted. Events hosts need to be able to see who they are meeting which can be difficult in busy places.

*Attendance Policy and No Show /Late Cancel Policy:

Respect and consideration for others are Top Priority; please be considerate by refraining from being a "NO SHOW" (Not showing up and leaving your RSVP a "yes", or changing RSVP to a "no" within 2 hours of an event and not communicating with the organizer) .

*Events take work for organizers to coordinate. Please make sure you are able to make it to an event to which you RSVP and if you anticipate a conflict or being late, give us a heads up. We understand that things come up and life interferes, but please do your best

*If you find that you can't make it to something you've signed up for -- PLEASE CHANGE YOUR RSVP as soon as possible, or message an organizer/event host if it is within 2 hours of the event. Events take time & energy to plan. If you don't show up AND make no effort to let the Event Planner know what happened --- that's a "NO SHOW".

If you have a history of doing this (we keep track of attendance on your profile), we won't be able to count on you to show up when you say you are going to. Out of respect and courtesy to others that DO show up, we may bump you to the waiting list for meetups with limited space in favor of those with a positive attendance history.

If you make a habit out of no showing or late cancelling, we will remove you from the group.

If you "no show" 3 times then you will be removed from the group even if you have paid a full membership fee.

The Legal Stuff

-- Disclaimer ----Please note that “ Pay and Go “;members participate in Kent Plus events, do so at their own risk until they upgrade to Full membership. The organisers, members and the Kent Plus Group accept no liability to members or their guests, for any loss or damage to personal property, or personal injury when you or your guests attend Kent Plus events. By clicking to join this group, you are accepting and acknowledging this clause.

Thank you.


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